Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Deepika Kumari, The World’s Number One Archer

Deepika kumari. A name that speaks for itself. The world’s number one archer. Paris lo jarugutunna Archery world cup stage 3 lo kevalam medals gelavadam ey kakunda, tana position of World’s number one archer ni regain cheskundhi. Ee tournament lo, tanu 2012 lo unna No. 1 position ni regain chesthu, 3 medals ni kuda gelichindi. One in women’s individual, one in Women’s team, and another in a mixed team.

But just like any other human being, Deepika has a huge story of hard work and determination behind her success today. So here it is, everything you need to know about Deepika Kumari.

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Nanna auto driver. Amma medical college lo nurse. Amma nanna jobs chinnave aina, Deepika dream peddadhi. Her first attempt of archery was to aim for mangoes with stones. Amma nanna budget tho tana archery equipment ni fund cheyalakapoyina, oka bamboo stick inka arrows tho archery practice chesedhi.

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Her cousin Vidya was her sudden ray of hope. She saw her talent and helped her develop it. Tanu kuda Tata Archery Academy lo archer avvadam tho, she helped Deepika as well.

How Archer Deepika Kumari, the Daughter of a Rickshaw Driver, Made It to Rio

2005 lo Arjun Archery Academy lo join avvadam was her turning point. Here she was getting trained with the right equipment. She was training so hard that 3 years lo okkasare intiki ochindi, after winning the Cadet World Championship in 2009.

Deepika Kumari ends season on a high, wins bronze at World Cup finals |  Sports News,The Indian Express

Her claim to fame

2010 lo Delhi lo aiyina Common Wealth Games lo 2 gold medals kottadam was the kick start to her big achievements. There was no looking back after that. Her achievements kept increasing as her determination and hard work did. May 2012 lo, she won her first world cup individual in turkey. Later, she became the no. 1 women archer in London’s Women’s recurve archery. And on and on. Her achievements are on even to this day.

Deepika Kumari, Daughter Of An Auto-Rickshaw Driver Who Shot Her Way Out Of  Obscurity

Not just that, she was honoured with the Arjuna Award, FICCI Sportsperson of the year, Padma Shri and Young Achievers Award. She was also featured in the Forbes 30 under 30

International Women's Day: Celebrating Deepika Kumari

A corona wedding

She got married in June 2020 to Atuna Das, who is also a prominent archer. Atuna Das is also a renowned archer and is winning medals in the Archery World Cup alongside Deepika.

Deepika-Atanu's quiver full of arrows | Sports News,The Indian Express

Mundhu jaagaaboye Tokyo Olympics lo participate cheyyabotunna okathe ammaiyi, mana Deepika Kumari.

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Here are some appreciations from known people around the country for Deepika.

Cheers to Deepika for bringing such a big honour to our country and wishing her all the best for the Tokyo Olympics. The country is super proud of you.

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