This Conversation Between Two Friends Is Something Which Every Coffee Lover Can Relate To!


“Why do you have coffee all the time..?? Too much caffeine is not good for health,” she said.

May be it’s true. Too much of anything is not good for health. Too much sugar, too much love, too much trust and in the same way, too much coffee. But yet, one cannot live without them. We have sugar, we love people, we trust relations and the same goes with coffee.

“What is that you want from life?,” I asked her
“Question to a question is not an answer,” she replied.
“The answer is within that .. What exactly are you expecting from life?”
” May be a good job, A good husband,” she said
” Why?”
“That’s life right. What more can I expect to happen in life.”
“Why don’t you dream big?”
“Because I am satisfied with what I want to be. That makes me happy. ”
“That’s it .. Happiness.. Having a cup of coffee gives me happiness,” I said

” But it will take your life as well. There are too many things which will make you happy. In fact we are there… What are we friends for?”

” Friends!!! What are they for? Nowadays these friendships are limited to texts and stories. And it is just existing in the virtual world. We care for them on WhatsApp, support them on Snapchat, celebrate with them on Instagram and finally when things go wrong, just an unfriend button will erase all these memories. ”

“Wow!! Great… that’s what you thought about us all these days. That means we do not care for you right?,” she said in a furious tone

“We are together because we are here. And when paths differ change, I change… And then life moves on. Today I might be your priority but when someone else comes, the priority might change.”

“Fine leave it. Its not the question I asked by the way”

“I am coming to that Aaru… it’s not any friend who kept me awake all these days to pass my exams. It’s not any friend who was with me when I’m stressed. Just a cup of coffee will bring me back to this world, keeps me awake, makes me feel strong. Unlike humans, it never lies. It’s pure. The smell of a coffee bean vanishes all the stress, the first sip makes me feel refreshed, the first gulp brings me back to my senses and the taste of coffee keeps me awake all the time and drives me towards success.”

“Then what about you health? ”

“Considering your statement that coffee isn’t that good for health, If I drink it daily, may be I might die early and
if I don’t, I might live long. Yet not the way I wanted, not the life I wanted. I cannot be possessive about people, but I can be possessive about things. People change, coffee doesn’t. People ignore us when they find someone better, coffee doesn’t. It will remain the same hot and refreshing buddy.

And finally coffee doesn’t ask silly questions. It understands..
Dear coffee.

I love you. I am yours
forever and ever”


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