10 Reasons Why It Would Be Awesome To Date A Writer!

Sensible Pick-Up lines!
Normal Person: Is your dad a terrorist because you look like a Bomb!
Writer : nadi reyi akasam la ne anthuleni kurulu veechey gaali ki ne momu takuthunte neney aa kurulu ayyi unte baundedi anipisthundi .. aa nadi reyi akkasam ne andham ga chesina nakshtrala velugu ne kanuulo velugu ke ae matram sari tugadu..
(Pretty lengthy I know: P but carries a good feel 😉 right?)
Writer anagane creativity ae gurthu osthundi.. let it be convincing anyone with their words or organizing things name a thing they are creative in it.
Evari mata vinani seethayya lu villu.. ante miku anipiyachu writers are good listeners no ani… yes,yes! mee experiences share cheskunte lakshanam ga vintaru.. When you give some suggestion they’ll be least interested in it.. They love to do things in their own ways and experience them.
Vaari ratha lo entha andham ga varnistharo antha kante ekkuva ga manaki respect istharu..
Super Informative
Generally they have full knowledge on everything because their write up should never go wrong; they try to learn new things every day. So how is it helpful for you? They’ll hear to you lending all their ears no matter what field you belong to and they will slowly try helping you for your projects too. You these writers find it crazy doing new things always.
Money never matters
Their living style is pretty simple they never wish for luxury. They never follow money when people start believing in them money follows them.
Emotional Attachment
They easily get attached to us emotionally. Once they are attached nothing in this world can part them from us, they will never ever dump you. If you remember there’s a saying, “If you fall in love with a writer you’ll never die”
It’s never boring with them
Bore ane padam kuda marchipotham .. they have so much to tell.. vallu rase stories anni mottamodata mikey telusthayi you never know the female lead in the story might be so much like you *blush* *blush*
Every day is an Adventure!
With a normal person it’s like walking in a park but with a writer park also sounds like a Jungle.
Fluent Sarcasm 😛 Manaki telisina vishyalani kuda kothaga chupistharu..

Oh by the way Writers are sarcastic too!
Childlike person never dies
Prathi dani enjoy chestharu.. pedda ayipoyam rules madya brathakali ani lekka lu thokka lu asalu undav :p
Did I just say “Reasons to DATE” sorry! Reasons to fall in Love with writers!

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