This Telugu Techie Is Beginning A Cycling Expedition From Kashmir To Kanyakumari For A Clean And Green India!


How far can you ride a bicycle? 5 Kms? 10 Kms? Maybe 50 at most? How about riding it for nearly 5000 k.m.’s and 100 days? Sounds crazy right? But, this impossible feat is being attempted by B. Ravi Kiran who’s just an average Hyderabad city’s software engineer. Meet Ravi Kiran who’s aiming to create awareness about green India through his program “Ride For Green India”.


“Ride For Green India” is his 4th expedition through which he aims to ride from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on his bicycle spreading awareness on how to save the environment and educate the importance of protecting it. He also plans to plant nearly 1.5 lakh seeds and conduct workshops to educate the rural and suburban people. A social sense of responsibility and environment friendly approach to achieve his aim is what turning eyeballs for his expedition.


Throughout this trip he also plans to plant nearly 11000 trees across the nation and is seeking the support of Telangana Government. He started these kinds of expeditions to create awareness among the citizens on various objectives and issues he feel that are not addressed properly. Some of his notable works are:
A Ride to thank the Indian Army services (69 K.M.)
A Ride to thank Hyderabad Traffic Police (146 K.M.)
A Ride to create awareness among farmers on the modern farming techniques (1100 K.M.)


Ravi Kiran also actively took part in the harithaharam project and “Ride for farmers” expedition in support with the Telangana Horticulture Department. He’s also raising funds to support his expedition on Ketto Funds and seeking all the help he could from the people through social media. We wish to achieve this unique feet and accomplish his target.

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