13 Cultural Centres In Hyderabad You Can Visit To Have A Totally New Experience


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Cultural Centres and Community spaces are the place that raise their hands to support the dying arts by providing the artists with a platform to perform and portray their talent.


1. Lamakaan

Lamakaan is an Open cultural centre which is quite famous among the artists since long time. Lamakaan is known for its diversified events like Workshops, Screenings, Theatre plays, etc and nonetheless for the cafe too.


2. Nirvana Bistro

Nirvana, like it’s name, is a place where the ambience and the ensemble of people make it feel that the suffering is lost. Events including Discussions, Workshops, Forums, Open Mics, Jam Sessions, etc makes it a place to not miss out on. The frequency of quality and happening events is quite high and is surely a must place to visit when bored.


3. Phoenix Arena

Phoenix is an art and cultural centre which is a joint Initiative by Phoenix Foundation and TSIIC. This place is vast and also a hub for various events promoting art forms, Performances, Workshops, Quizzes, etc.


4. Apollo Foundation Open Air Theatre

This is a Cultural centre and an Open air theatre providing a stage for artists to perform.


5. Jxtapose

Jxtapose is a Co-Working space and also a place for the Like minded Creative people. Events like Stand ups, Art related Workshops, etc happen.


6. Kalaachakra

Kalaachakra is an art centre where art forms like Pottery, Knitting, Ceramics, Sculpture, Clay, Weaving, etc are promoted by workshops being conducted round the year making it a place to experience the lost.


7. Saptaparni

Saptaparni is a place where events like musical workshops by eminent personalities happen with a lot others.


8. Nritya Forum

Nritya is an arts space where a lot of talent can be found. The space over there is used to conduct disparate events, workshops, etc to promote art forms by providing a platform.


9. Paaka

Paaka, is an organic cafe and also a cultural space. The space has an hipster vibe to it and the Organic farm makes it a place to experience the different in the metropolitan.


10. Our Sacred Space

This is also a space for divergent events to happen. And the place is an added bliss due to the village vibe it has.


11. Gallery Cafe

Gallery cafe promotes artists by conducting Open Mics every month and trying to support the artists to portray their talents.


12. The Garage Project, Sainikpuri

This too like other cafes, Promotes artists by providing a platform.


13. Collab House

Collab House is a collaborative community and co working space where events happen.


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