We Explained Today’s Budget Highlights In Cricket Commentary Style


India lo entha chaduvukunna vallaki aina kooda anthaga ardam kaanidi Union Budget. Aa Financial Terms,aa statistics and figures ento peddaga ardam kaavu.Every year Budget presentation jarige roju Media lo chusi ento idantha enti anukodame tappa inkem cheyaleru chala mandi.


Similarly India lo laymen daggara nundi Richie Rich daaka,villages nundi Corporate cities daaka andaroo connect ayyedi,CRICKET. Its a Universal Language and Common Emotion for Indians.


So we are here explaining the most Complex Thing,Union Budget by relating it with our Cricket Terminology to give a better understanding and of course in an entertaining Way.


Cricket team ni selection comittee select chesinatle, Ikkada mana Government ane Team ni Prajalu ane Selection Committee select chestharu to give the best Output as a Team ani.
Budget ni Oka Match anukunte ee Budget ki mundu oka Cricket team ki Performance Report laantidi Okati vasthundi mundu roju, aa Performance Report eh Economic Survey. Repu match ante Next Financial Year ki elanti jagrathhalu teskovali,taking past experinces anedi chepthundi ee Perforamnce Report aka Economic Survey.


As per the Economic Survey,the match can’t be one sided ane indication vacchindi.So Every one was waiting for a Nail-Biting Thriller in the Budget Match.
Similar to Cricket , Pitch Report laantide Budget ki undi.Eesari Budget ki chala problems unnayi,Global Market was low,Globally Economy Slow aindi,Demand tagguthundi..Ilaanti Pitch Conditions lo match ela untunda anedi chala crucial ani Experts kooda wait chesthoo unnnaru.


Weather Conditions kooda match ni maarchagalavu,Similarly mana Budget ki kooda konni Weather Conditions unfavourable ga unnai,like Unemployment all time low lo undi, GDP padipoyindi..ilaantivi …atu pitch report itu weather report antha favour ga levu, yet Strong Team and Lineup Undi ane nammakam andarike undi.


Most exprienced Batsmen aina Arun Jatiley gaaru Retired Hurt aina taruvatha last day,i.e Previous budget tho batting ki vachina Nirmala Seetharaman garu,Night Watchman ga nilchunnaru crease lo.and today is her second day in field.i.e Second Budget as Financial Minister.


Home Ground laanti Lok Sabhalo Seetharaman garu Morning session lo batting start chesaru.Maybe Match gurinchi chala clear ga unnaro emo,long day batting cheyali ani fix ainattu anipinchidi.


Match lo 3 sessions unnattu mana Budget ni 3 Themes ga categorise chesaru Seetharaman garu. Morning session i.e Theme 1 lo Aspirational India lo crease lo kudurukune prayatnam chesaru.Hard-hitting Shots ki vellakunda Text book shots select cheskunnaru. Chala klishtamaina Agriculture Bowling ni strategic ga 16 points agenda tho 16 runs raabattaru. Vatillo Oka Boundary,Kisan Rail(Refrigirator Coaches for transporting Farm Products) and oka Sixer, Kisan Udaan schemes unnai .


Next Super Pacer,Health Sector bowling ni gattiga edurkunnaru.Square cut chesi,PM Jan Aarogya Yojana Khaathalo 6400crores vesaru. Overall ga Health sector bowling lo 69,000 Crores deliver chesaru.


Ika Most Dangerous Spinner Education & Skill Development ni konchem defensive and konchem attacking ga aadaaru. Konni kotha shots kanipettaru, like Degree level Online Programs,Fresh Engineers to be taken as Interns by Urban Local Bodies laantivi. Overall ga Ee Khathalo 99,300 crores vesesaaru.


Ika Post Lunch Session lanti Theme 2 – Economic Development,idi middle overs laantidi,hard hitting cheyalem aggressive ga,Defending game aadalem.Audience kooda konchem bore feel ayye session,yet The Batsmen played few very good shots in the bowling of Industry and Commerce Sector Bowling. Oka Over lo,i.e oka Scheme lo 5 Fours,5 Smart Cities select chesaru.Overall ga ee Industry and Commerce bowler bowling lo 27,300 crores,runs raabattaru.


Ika Allrounder lanti Infrastructure Bowling lo kooda manchi perforamance eh iccharu,few shots like Mumbai Banglore High Speed train,lantivi audience ki josh teesukocchai.


Ika Most Crucial session aina Post Tea Break Session i.e Theme 3 – Humane and Compassionate Society Session lo kooda it was great performance.
Crucial Bowlers aina Women and Child Welfare bowling lo wonderful shots tho alarincharu.Culture and Tourism bowling lo aithe Straight the wicket tho back to back sixes,tho 3150crores and 2500crores runs raabattaru.


Ika Match ending time lo Batsment Powerplay teeskunnaru.i.e Part B of Budget ki vaccharu. World wide ga Audience chala tension tho wait chesthunna Moment idi i.e Tax Regime Reconsideration.and ee Powerplay lo mana previous batsmen were not reaching the expectations of Audience.But Seetharaman garu satisfied all the Audience with back to back sixers.and Appati varakoo unna records cheripesi kotta records raasesaru,i.e Tax Regime ni marchesaru.and the ball to ball Stats were like this
0 – 5 lakhs ki No runs.i.e No Tax
5- 7.5Lakhs ki 10%
7.5-10Lakhs ki 15%
10-12.5 Lakhs ki 20%
12.5-15 Lakhs ki 25%
Above 15 Lakhs ki 30%
Ee records set cheyadam anedi Match ke higlight.Because ee record achieve cheyalani Common man nundi Corporate lobby daka andaroo korukunnaru.And ee Feat Achieve cheyagane The Whole Country Erupted with Claps,Whistles.. Mass Moment of the Day. Kaani duck worth lewis laanti konni rules prakaaram Individuals opting for taxation under new rates will not be entitled to exemption/deductions including under Section 80C and 80D, LTC, housing rent allowance, deduction for entertainment allowance, professional tax, and interest on self occupied/vacant property. Which is bit confusing and manalni aanandapadalo baadha padaalo telineekunda chesina moment ani kuda cheppukovachu.


Overall ga todays match performance was satisfying compare to before matches for most of the audience but whats worrying was,the Weather Conditions are not in favour for us and even Pitch can turn at any moment.GDP is falling year by year,and adhi ela overcome avvali anedaniki inka proper roadmap, plan of action cheppaledu. But lets hope that the Conditions will be favourable and Manchi Score tho World Teams ki gatti competition istam ani.


So Thats All from the Fourth Umpire Comentary Box for the Day.
Signing Off .


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