ABD Is Kumming In 3T Cricket: Here Are The Rules & Purpose Of This New Format


General ga manaki entertainment ante rendu C lu gurthosthayi… Okati C’inema, inkoti C’ricket… Ippudu ee renditini inko pedha C vachi manaki dhooram chesindi… Adhe andi C’orona…

Malli ippude ippude mellaga cricket start avthunnatu itu IPL muchatlu atu England lo Test highlights chusthunnam kani manaki kavalsina dhana dhan hitting inka eppudu ra chusedhi anukunna time lo vachindi andi ee 3T Cricket Solidarity Cup….



Asalu enti ee 3T Cricket…?

It is the another new and fun concept of cricket…

Ee match lo motham 36 overs untai, vaatini two halves 18 overs each ga divide chestharu, ah 18 overs ni each team 6 overs face chesthu batting chestharu.. Oka team batting chesetappudu opponent teams vallu bowling and fielding chestharu, and manam chinnapati nunchi gully cricket lo single batting undi ani match mundhe chepukoni start chestham kadha… Same as it is ee 3T Cricket lo 8 players each team lo untaru, dhantlo 7 players out ayina kuda last batsmen single batting pattachu…

Ila okka team ki 2 opponent teams undadam valla every player and viewer first ball nunchi last ball dhaka interest tho active ga involve aypotham…

1 match, 3 teams, 36 overs.. 3T Cricket…








Ekkada.. Endhuku jaruguthundi…?

Ee pandemic situation tharvatha South Africa lo audience lekunda jarige first cricket match ee 3TC Solidarity Cup… International cricket stars tho match adinchi funds ni raise chesi Covid 19 patients treatment ki use cheyali ane intention tho ee match ni conduct chesaru…

The 3TC Solidarity Cup has played on Nelson Mandela Day, July 18… The SuperSport Park in Centurion has hosted the match.


Ah 3 Teams enti..?

1. Eagles: AB de Villiers (captain)

2. Kingfishers: Reeza Hendricks (captain)

3. Kites: Temba Bavuma (captain)


Avnu.. Match ela jarigindi masteruuu…?

Ee format T20 cricket kanna chinnadi avvadam tho hitting mamulga ledhu… T20 fans ki aythe ilanti matches ante pandage pandagaa….


After a gap.. Our boss is back annatu… Mana Mr. 360.. Adhe andi AB de Villiars ee 3T cricket tho malli vachi simple ga I am back ani ichi padesaduu…


Match summery…


AB de Villiers’ Eagles- 160/4 – wins the gold medal

Temba Bavuma’s Kites- 138/3- wins the silver medal

Reeza Hendricks Kingfishers- 113/5- wins the bronze medal



Asalu ee 3T Cricket rules enti….?


1. A match is contested between 3 teams of 8 players each.

2. The match is played over 36 overs in two halves of 18 overs with a break at halftime.

3. Teams bat for one innings of 12 overs split between two 6-over periods, facing one opponent in the first half and the other opponent in the second half.

4. In the first half, teams rotate from BATTING to BOWLING to the DUGOUT with the starting positions determined by a draw.

5. In the second half, teams bat in order of the highest scores in the first half and if scores are tied, the first half order is reversed.

6. After the fall of the 7th wicket, the not-out batter continues to bat alone. The batter can only score in even numbers of runs and can only bat in the second half.

7. If the 7th wicket falls in the first half, the team forfeits the remaining balls in the first half and the not-out batter resumes the innings in the second half.

8. Each bowling team has the use of one new ball for their full 12 overs which is used for both opponents.

9. A maximum of three overs per bowler is allowed, which can be bowled in any permutation to either opponent. An uncompleted over due to the fall of the 7th wicket is deemed to be completed with dot balls.

10. Match organisers may apply fielding restrictions and can allow up to 3 additional fielders, either selected by each team or provided by the dugout opponent.

11. Standard limited overs rules apply for wides, bouncers and a free hit after a no-ball, otherwise the laws of cricket apply.

12. A match can only be shortened by weather to 18, 24 or 30 overs in terms of a formula laid down by 3TC.

13. Most runs wins Gold, second Silver and third Bronze. If 2 teams tie with most runs, super overs decide Gold; if all 3 teams tie, all get Gold; and, in a tie for second, Silver is shared.


Me after seeing 3T Cricket rules…


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