10 Creepy Villains From Our Childhood Movies Whom We Hated So Much


Cinema has evolved ani vintu untam kadhaa.. Ala evolve aina vaatilo baga evolve aindi Villains anukunta.. Okappudu villains enta evil and cruel undevaro, Ippudu antha stylish and swag tho untunnaru. So, here’s a list of villains who creeped the hell out of us and made us hate them, Mari hate chese la chesaru ante, Antha la jeevinchi act chesina goppa actors mari:


1. I LIKE IT (Anandraj)

Swag level: Varsham lo tadustu cigarette

Appatlo Prabhas act chesina, Raghavendra movie lo evaru em cheppina, Em chesina oka creepy smile eskoni, ‘I LIKE IT’ ani reply iche legend.

Side Villain: Anna, Raghavendra manollu andarni single hand tho iragateesadu anna.
Gundu man: Mmmmm.. I LIKE IT.
Side villain: Anna, Artham avtundaa… Manollani kodtunnadu anna…
Gundu man: Mmmmmmmmm.. I LIKEEEE ITTT.
Side Villain: ….
Gundu man: Mmmmmmm…


2. The rapist (Satya Prakash)

Appatlo filmmakers ki em fetish undedo emo kani.. Ee actor tho anni rape scenes ye cheyinchevaru, Paapam. Inka intaku minchi eeyana gurinchi nen em chepta kani, Ee kinda unna pics chudandi, Meeke evevo gurtostai..


3. The pullalu pette villain (Raghunatha Reddy)

HR: Tell us, Why should we hire you?
This man: Telsa.. Mee boss ninnu job lo nunchi pikesi ah job naku ista antunnadu..
HR: WTF, How do I trust you.. Who told you this?
This man:
HR: Hello.. hello..

*HR kills the boss. THE END.*


4.The merciless villain (Ponnambalam)

Random man: Hey man, What’s up? How’re you?


5. The mystical man (Amrish Puri)

Director: Hey, Manam oka super-natural cinema teestunnam, We need a very strange looking man, who almost looks like an alien
Amrish Puri: Say no more, ADBHUTAM ! MAHAAA ADBHUTAM !!


6. The ever young, OLD villain (Mukesh Rishi)

Appudeppduooo ochina Indra, Narasimha naidu nunchi.. Monna monna ochina Srimanthudu.. Same man, Playing the same kinda villain, with the very same expression. Frikkin legendary.

Director: Sir, Expression pettandi..
Mukesh Rishi: Which one? Ela Kavali? Angry? Sad? Happy? Horny?
Director: Ivanni odhu sir, The same old one.
Mukesh: Say no more.


7. One more creepy villain cuz y not (GV)

Murder nunchi Kidnapping varaku.. You name it, He has done it. Okavela villain roles lo, Evaru ekkuva evil panulu chesaru ani Guinness record unte, Daantlo eeyana participate cheyochu.

Now for no reason at all, Look at his smile.


While these are just the people who are still alive now.. We lost a few talented actors over the years. Vaallani, Vaallu chesina role ni, Manam gurtucheskoni, Mana face meedha oka chinna smile vachina, They will be at peace.

7. Kalabhavan Mani

I could go on and on and say so many good things about this actor. But I’d just like these pictures pictures to speak.


8. The richie rich ‘villain dad’ (Vizag Prasad)

Audience: He’s looks like such a sweet man yaa. He’s definitely not a bad guy.
*surprise surprise..*


9. If ‘Kanti choopu tho champesta’ had a face (Rami Reddy)

Vere villains manalni bhayapettali ante, Evevo evil things cheyali emo. Kani eeyana just manalni chuste chalu, Ekkada leni bhayam vachedi.


10. The evergreen, evil dad (Rajan P Dev)

Daughter: Hey dad, Surprise! I’m in love with a guy.


Thank you, All. For making our childhood entertaining and awesome (by scaring us?). You will all be remembered.


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