25 Creative Eco-Friendly Ganesh Idols That’ll Make You Go ‘Daaammn!’


మనిషన్నాక కూసింత కళా పోషణ ఉండాలి ” ani annaru Rao gopal rao garu. So, konthamandi valla out of the box concepts tho, koddiga creativity use chesi valla style lo ganesh idols ni thayaru chesthunnaru. Lets have a look at some of those unique idols.


1.Ganesh idol made of spare parts


2. The Coconut Ganesha


3. The Fruitful Ganesha


4. The Banana Ganesha


5.Ganesha made out of Computer Hardware parts


6. The Utensil Ganesha


7. The Electronic Ganesha


8. The Bigg Boss Ganesha


9. The Parle Biscuit Ganesha


10. The Watermelon Ganesha


11. The Paper-cup Ganesha


12. Ganesha idol made with different kinds of fruits and vegetables


13. The Soft drink Ganesha


14. The Pineapple Ganesha


15. The Alphabet Ganesha


16. The Chalk Piece Ganesha


17. The Pencil Ganesha


18. The Cadbury Gems Ganesha


19. 30 feet tall idol of Lord Ganesha made with 2 lakh clay bangles in Thummalagunta village, Chittoor.
The bangles will be distributed to the local women.


20. Pani Puri Ganesha, Made with 8000 puris in Pune.


21. The Chocolate Ganesha.
This idol will be immersed in milk & they’ll distribute the chocolate milkshake to underprivileged children.


22. The Vegetable Ganesha.


23. The 0% GST/ GST Free Ganesha.
The makers of this idol used 10 of the 81 GST-free items like bangles, salt, earthenware, slate etc. They will then be distributed to the ones in need.


24. The Dry Fruit Ganesha


25. The Kur Kure Ganesha


Image Source: Google, Instagram.


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