Oxford’s Corona Vaccine, ‘Covishield’ May Come Out By 2020 Year-End. Here’s Everything About It


Covishield ante…?

Oxford University vallu Covid 19 ki vaccine thayaru chesthunaru, Pune lo unde Serum Institute of India (SII) ah vaccine ni distribute chesendhuku doses produce cheyadam already start chesaru, aythe ah Oxford Covid 19 vaccine ki Covishield ani peru pettaru…


Oxford University vaccine status enti…?

Vaccine developed by the Oxford University appears safe and induces a strong immune response within the body, scientists announced recently after the first phase of human trials..

Ee vaccine ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 (Covishield) ni Oxford and AstraZeneca ane English drug maker company kalisi thayaru chesthunnaru…


Scientists have stated that during the randomised trials, It was safe, tolerated, and immunogenic…

Phase 3 trials are now underway in Brazil, South Africa, and the UK and will evaluate vaccine efficacy in diverse populations,” a report Lancet Journal.

Covid 19 vaccines near to phase 3 trails..

Covaxin, India’s coronavirus vaccine in Phase 1 human trials…


India lo Covishield phase 3 trails…?

Phase 3 trails already UK, Brazil ( June 20) and South Africa ( July first week) lo start ayayi, Serum Institute India lo phase 3 trails cheyadanki try chesthundi, It will soon be seeking permission to carry out a multicentric phase 3 trial here in India. The trial will recruit a few thousand participants, It might take up to four months to complete the phase-3 trial.


Mari Covishield eppati varaku availability lo ki vasthadi…?

After the promising results of first two trail phases Serum Institute of India CEO Adar Poonawalla has stated that the company aims at producing 3 to 4 million doses till the end of December 2020.

The SII is currently seeking clearance from the Indian government for Phase 3 trials of the potential vaccine…


Suresh Jadhav, Executive Director of Serum Institute says…

Based on the safety and immunogenicity data of the phase-3 trial carried out in India, we will trigger production of the vaccines even before the results are formally available


Vaccine distribution and priority…?

SII lo produce chese vaccine Covishield ni two parts ga split chesi develop chesthunaru ata… one for India and one for the rest of the world.


Covishield cost entha varaku untadi…?

Poonawalla informed that ‘Covishield’ will be priced at Rs 1,000 or even less per dose. However, he expressed that the vaccine might be available for free after the government purchases it and distributes it through several immunisation programmes.

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The SII would be manufacturing about a billion doses of the vaccine which will not only cater for India but also provide assistance to other low income countries.


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