Here Are Details About The Experimental Drone Delivery Of Covid 19 Vaccines Being Conducted By Telangana Government

Ramesh : Mowa konni rojullo lo vaccine mana intiki drone delivery chestharu anta

Suresh :Drone Delivery a…? Door Delivery ayyi untadhi le

Ramesh :Drone Delivery e ra

Recent ga Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) and Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) drone delivery trails cheyadaniki Telangana government ki and asala drones nundi vaccine delivery ela cheyachu ane study cheyadaniki Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) (in collaboration with IIT Kanpur) ki permissions ivvadam jarigindi.

Main purpose entante ee method of delivery ni experiment chesi adhi success ayithe kanaka , vaccine distribution chala effective ga and reach of vaccines chala mandhiki velthundhi ani nammuthunaru.

Asalu drones tho delivery enduku ?

General ga e doubt osthundi but sarigga alochisthe ilanti time lo ilanti experiment cheyadam valla chala gaps fill cheyachu

→For suppose , konni remote areas lo where health care, roads evi leni places lo ee drone facility dhwara vaccines ni akada unna janalaki reach ayyela cheyyachu

→ Also ee time lo containment areas lo kani , covid prone and covid exposure ekkuva unna areas ki drone delivery through manam vaccines pampachu and human exposure chance chala takkuva kabatti it would be safe and more effective

→Already 2 dose vaccine ga decide chesindhi governement , konni chances lo third dose kuda include chese situation undhi , so konni crores of people ki efficient and fast ga vaccine distribute cheyadaniki idhi one of the best ways , ila cheyadam valla safety and speed rendu achieve cheyachu

→Vaccines ye kakunda , medical supplies kuda remote villages ki and transportation ibbandhi unna areas ki pampinchachu

→ Dini valla faster vaccine delivery and healthcare access kuda maximum people ki reach avuthundhi

→ Last but not the least every citizen ki primary healthcare delivery valla doorstep ki tevalane genuine cause kuda serve avuthundhi

Ee vaccine drone delivery and trails cheyadaniki Ministry lo Civil Aviation mana telangana government ki 1 year varaku permission ichindhi.

Safe e na gurugaru ? Rules em pettaledha governement ?

Ayyo enduk pettarandi? rules unnai and safety measures kuda unnai.

→ Istam ochinattu vadakunda drone eppudu VLOS range lone unchali , VLOS ante visual line of sight anamata so , drone operate chesthunna pilot ki epudu drone kanipisthune undali , dini valla epudu sight lone untundhi kabatti fail ayye chance takkuva and effectiveness kuda ekkuva untundi

→ Drones ni drive chese places conditions ni batti akada population ni batti akada work out aythene a places lo use cheyali.

→ Oka Standard Procedure ni follow avuthu Ministry of Civil Aviation ki submit chesina rules annitini follow avuthu cheyalsindhi ga public notice lo chepparu.


Adandi mari mothaniki anni trails and experiments success ayithe vaccine egurukuntu intiki vasthundi , hope trails anni success avvalani , mee thoughts ni kinda comment section lo cheppandi. Ika Selavu.

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