The Team Of RRR Interacts With Dr. Shankar Prasad And Clears Most Of The Covid Doubts

It’s been more than a year since the pandemic started. Vaccine ochesindhi, lockdown 2 nadustondhi, but looks like there is no end for corona in India anytime soon. Since a year mana andhari mind lo almost hundreds and hundreds of thoughts and questions about the virus, about the first wave, the second wave, the upcoming third wave, the black fungus, the white fungus and the yellow fungus. Chala mandhi telisina vallani consult aiyyamu, doctors ki calls midha calls chesi mana doubts adigaamu. But just like corona, looks like there is no end for our doubts either.

S S Rajamouli gaaru. Known for his massive movies throughout the world, and known for his ideologies. His new idea is definitely a meaningful one and so it is a hit. Rajamouli gaari family and almost most of the RRR cast were also tested positive and have recovered in the recent past. So valla andhari doubts and questions ni sum up chesi, Dr. Shankar Prasad tho interact aiyyaru. Valla chain of covid doubts ni answer cheyyadamu jarigindhi. Just what the nation needs right now. So here are the most asked questions and the correct answers of it from the doctor who has been treating a lot of patients in this pandemic.

Q1. Asalu oka pandemic ela ostadhi? How is a pandemic born?

Q2. Asalu symptoms enti Covid-19 ki? And how to stay in 75% of the population that has no symptoms or has mild symptoms that can be easily cured?

Q3. Third wave kuda ravadam, inka adi chinna pillalane ekkuva effect cheyyadam entha varaku nizam?

Q4. Pregnant ladies inka chinna pillalu emaina extra effort tisukovala in order to not get infected? If yes, what are those extra efforts?

Q5. Chala careful ga, intlo kuda double masking tho unna vallaki kuda corona virus ostundhi. Enduku? Daani reasons enti?

Q6. Is treatment through allopathy or Ayurveda is more preferable? And why?

Q7. Incubation period, antey manamu manalni isolate cheskoni, treatment tisukune period eppudu nunchi count cheyyali?

Q8. Social distancing in outdoor and indoor circumstances entha varaku effective in order for the virus to spread less?

Q9. Smoke chese vallaki covid raadhu, because of the nicotine that they are taking already ani chala WhatsApp forwards ostunayi. How true is that?

Q10. Multi vitamins. immunity boosters inka kashayalu entha varaku effective?

Q11. How effective is steam inhalation?

Q12. Steam inhation ekkuva tiskovadam valla mana nose nunchi virus mana lungs ki velli ekkuva infect chestundhi ani antunnaru. How true is it?

Q13. Oka proper diet enti? Manaki covid rakanna mundu, ochinappudu inka manam recover aipoina tarvata  elanti diet follow avvali?

Q14. Covid times lo bhayapadi andariki anxiety issues avvutunayi. How to deal with it and are there any medicines for it?

Q15. Lockdown pedithey kaani cases taggatledu. Is this the new normal now? Inka what is herd immunity?

Q16. Covid ochina vallaki chala tests prescribe chestunnaru throughout the process. Asalu manaki ey tests chala important?

Q17. Covid mana body ni leave avtundi ane symptoms ni manam enni days observe cheskuntu undali?

Q18. Vaccine mana body lo ela pani chestundhi and entha effective ga work chestundhi?

Q19. In the whole, covid ki mandhu mana lifestyle changes ey ani antunnaru?

Ee covid times lo Rajamouli gaari cinemalu delay aina, manaki kavalsina information maatram icharu, I hope the team has answered most of the common and important doubts every single one of us have.

Stay safe, wear a mask, sanitise yourself often and don’t step out unless it is totally necessary. We will get through this stronger.

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