2 Common Hashtags & 24/7 Telephonic Help From Doctors: Here’s How Telugu Social Media Came Together To Help Each Other


The pandemic is far far away from over. AP and Telangana states lo still everyday new cases ostunnai. And people lo panic perugutune undi.

Mari ilanti tough times lo intlo untunna manam, Symptoms ostunnattu anpinchina, ye matram helpless anipinchina we (People of AP and TS) now have 2 common hashtags on social media to let everyone know and ask for help & a few phone numbers of doctors who are available on shifts 24/7 over the phone.

The hashtags are:

1. #COVID19TSHELP link


The initiative is started by Director Sai Rajesh garu:



It’s simple. Meeku COVID-19 gurinchi etuvanti ’emergency’ help, queries, kavalanna FB, Twitterr lo ee hashtags (for respective states) use cheste, Ekkuva mandiki visible untundi, Help twaraga reach ayye chance untadi.

Quickly so many celebrities also came ahead and lent their support to this necessary campaign:





Not just this, With the help of @Drpulmo , They hav formed together a team of doctors who can assist the people is distress over a phone call.

Here are the phone numbers:

7am to 10am

Jagadeep – @jagadeep01 – 9059296771

Ajay – @urscoolajay – 9912533450

10am to 1pm

Krupa – @MMR278_JSP -7093570790

1pm to 4pm

Karun – @itsmeKarun – 8978785628

7 to 9am

Kuladeep – @Nationfirst82 – 7675828281

4pm to 8pm

Raghu – @raghu_adapa – 9553922111

8pm to 12am

Krupa – @MMR278_JSP -7093570790

11:00am to 3:00am

Raghu – @raghu_adapa – 9553922111

Rushyendra – @rushyendrab , +46728863210( whatsapp)

Just keep the below photo handy with you, It can help you anytime:


Spread this information to everyone in need. Stay home, Stay safe.


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