11 Reasons Why You Can Never Have A Bigger Bestie Than Your Cousin!


Siblings unna vaallaki, leni vaallaki kuda cousins eyy siblings aina besties aina ! Single child ki aithe sharing ane concept nerpedhe cousin. Especially same age group unte, inka manam chese lolli antha intha kaadhu ga! Trips, vacations, sleepovers, Night outs vetikaina easy permissions and excuses. Chivariki manam entha thittukoni, kottukunna , peddarikam batch involve aithe maatram “ maa saavu mem sasthaam , meekendukoy” ane look ichi fevikwik relation maintain chesthuntaam!


1. Manaku first friend ante thane mari. Same age aithe inka cheppanavasaram ledhu!



2. Games or anything first preference maname, alage thanaki manaku first preference!



3. Enni sarlu oke bomma kosam kotladukunna kuda, malli kaasepu nuvvu inkaasepu nenu ani patch up aipothaam!



4. Thana friends mana friends aipothaaru, alage mana friends vaallaki ! Anthe kaadhu , daddy side mommy side cousins ni kalipi gang form chesesthaam!



5. Mana dreams anni easy ga share chesukovachu and they are the ones who always support us in front of our relatives!



6. We are very good at keeping each other’s secrets! Backlogs , breakups anything intlo maathram teliyanivvaru!



7. Manaku siblings leru kadha, when we are broke and couldn’t ask our parents, they always help us out!



8. Mana chinnapati embarrassing moments nundi, recent heart breaks varaku antha info jaagratha daachi, life partner mundhu paruvu theesthaaru!



9. Chaduvukovatam kaani hostel kaani oke place lo unte inka manam kalisi chese racha rambola antha intha kaadhu!



10. Rendu veellathone first celebrate cheskuntaam manam!



11. This is the definition of cousin! Coz even god knows that one mom can’t handle our devilish things alone! 😛



PS: Marriage aiyyaka friends tho relation change avthundhemo kaani , cousins tho maatram inka close avthundhi, new batch join avthaaru ga so inka picchi peaks untundhi!


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