17 Times When Tollywood’s Portrayal Of Heroines Was Absolutely Perfect!


Disclaimer: Recent Movies maathrame teeskunnam, paathavi cheppukuntu pothe, oka Malliswari, Misamma, Sharada, ila enno paathralu unnaayi, enni articles rasina cover avvavu anukunta. Recent vi chepthe mana generation attitude ki sync lo untadhi kadha.


1. 8TH standard lo unnanu emo, I was awe-struck seeing the portrayal of this character. She was respected for being Independent and fighting to win her goals. The worried yet supporting parents who gave her that courage to face any hurdle.



2. This Flick is a reflection of Independence. She gives us a hope that living alone is not actually a bad thing when you know your priorities.



3. Oka Manasu iddharu vyakthulu, Oka mamul aadapilla la face chesey confusion nunchi thanaki evaru correct oo thana realization varuku entho simple ga portray chesaaru, Srinivas Avasarala garu.



4. If it was a normal stereotypical entertainer it would have shown Cathrine weeping about her loss and slowly moving on to some other Male lead. This film decided that the lady shouldn’t be giving up on reality. Yes, who gives up on their loved ones who is abruptly gone? You might say that the plot demanded her to be that way apart from the battle she mounted, her personal life in the backdrop was also with hurdles where she fought back and decided to live on her own.



5. When she realizes the harsh reality about where she is standing in her life. She makes sure that this is not happening again with anyone else ever again.



6. Asal aa Bold attitude, aa confidence, even after knowing that the opposite person is much stronger than her and that dialog “Nuvv nannu em cheyyalevu ra” gives goosebumps.



7. A Best example of a perfect woman. Andharu “ee kalam adapillalu maripoyaru” ani tagline isthunnaru kaani this character sweeps that tagline indirectly. Aa rojullone she had those guts to confess what she wants, it’s all about knowing what you want and respecting your choice. She’s sweet and naive but not dumb by any means. All she wanted was good terms between her brother and her Love.



8. She knows she’s unique and wished to be accepted, loved just as she is. She choose not to change for someone. Strong, right?



9. Witty, friendly a simple warm person who cares for someone who believes they are close to her heart and she does anything for them.



10: A matured and Independent Math teacher, but a child at heart, who fell in love with a police Officer. She gives her all in love but doesn’t give up her individuality. This movie gave all the guys a lot of #Girlfriendgoals. Also that Indo-western Look she carries it, I just love it.



11. Chaduvu avvakamundhe pelli cheseyali ani gola pettadame parents goal. Dhanni thelivi ga thappinchatam mana goal. Pelli mukhyame… right time, right person ochentha varuku pressure pettakudadhu pedithe elanti harsh decisions theeskuntam neat ga portray chesaaru.



12. A person who becomes a reason of dispute between two brothers which was never her aim forces her to leave. However, she does ensure that things are set right and the brothers realize that the bond between them is the most beautiful thing. Well, what’s so great about it? She could have just felt guilty and let go with a thought that they are immature, she chose not to do that.



13. “Idhe na maata.. Naa Maate Shaasanam” ani Sivagami antunte pure goosebumps. The character of Sivagami is one of the most strongest ones written in TFI recently. Her pride is her superiority. She binds herself with strict adherence to what she believes is the right thing to do in the name of dharma. Oka kingdom ni thanu run chese vidhanam kaani, maatladetapudu aa confidence and kallallo aa power – just brilliant to watch.


14. A strong Ambitious woman. Now a days almost everyone is the same, they just don’t want their identity to be someone’s wife. Abba! Fair and Lovely ad la chepthunna, cut the crap. Aa kopam valla Nanna nuvvu em sadisthav anna thought process lo unnapuudu, Mana Nanna lu kuda eppudu oo appudu oka sari alochinchi untaaru Abbai aithe baundedhi ani. Literally ee movie aa thought ni champesi untundhi andhari lo. Like yeah. Sky is the limit ladies.


15. Just as we wonder that there might be no powerful role than Sivagami anytime soon, Devasena entered. She is a trailblazing rebel who even challenges Sivagami’s authority in her own court. Her powerful entry with swords backed by a beautifully composed fight sequence makes everyone go awe. Now, imagine young girls watching Devasena on the screen. Not only is she a great warrior for children, but she is an incredibly strong character, showing the girls that their value is more than just being a pretty face.
In a world with strict gender roles and strictly imposed social hierarchy, both Devasena and Sivagami stand out as rebels.


16. Bhanumati – a young woman who hails from a small town is the embodiment of everything that many men would want to see in a woman – smart, independent, fiery and caring. The role of Sai Pallavi is designed in such a way that it appears she makes the entire film her own. Bhanumati has all the traits that a woman today has. She is innocent , haughty and unpredictable all at once. Woahh!


17. Savitri – Though it is a Biopic based on a real life person. Keerthy Suresh portrayed the role with such grit and dedication. Although there were so many other characters in the film, the depth her character had was phenomenal. And her story needed to be told.

Films like this should Keep coming and EMPOWER women and free their mind sets.

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