Here’s How Corporate Colleges In Our Telugu States Are Ruining Lives Of Innocent Students!


Struggling between ranks and books, another innocent life has ended inside those four walls. With building overpressure from the college and expectations from parents, these pity souls left us by hanging themselves in the college hostel. Before we all could forget about the infamous suicide incidents reported in the month of August, another girl studying in Narayana college, Bandlaguda has gone missing leaving a letter behind. Sai Prajwala, who is doing her long-term, left a letter stating the burden every student faces in the college. She also mentioned about the pressure from the college management for ranks and expectations from the parents which are leading the students to end up their lives.

According to the sources, Sai Prajwala after returning from the Dussehra vacation started behaving unusually. She kept calm all the time and never showed interest in talking to anyone. The college management informed the same to her parents. Next day, her uncle visited and took her to his home. And, the very next day, she left his house leaving a letter. In this letter, she asked her sister to take care of her parents and keep up their expectations. This incident came into light pretty late but it shows how students’ are struggling in these corporate colleges who monger over ranks than students’ lives.

Over the last 10 days, at least 8 students have committed suicide. In the month of August, two students committed suicide inside the college premises. According to a study, from past 3 years, nearly 60 students had committed suicide and ended their lives who couldn’t take the pressure anymore. It is likely that the unofficial number might be even more. In the name of studies and ranks, the college management is making students life a living hell. The constant pressure from colleges and lectures, expectations from parents keep building up which in turn is leading them to take such adverse decisions.

Dear parents and the college management, this is the right time to cross check yourself. Is it the right way to educate students? Is it all about ranks? Are those tall buildings, small classrooms a right place to nurture someone life? Are you providing healthy food for them? Is it right to categorize and judge them according to numbers? Is it good to make them feel like a loser if they end up failing in a small test? Every year, the corporate colleges show a lot of rank holders on TV commercials, but what about the rest? There are almost 200 branches in just Hyderabad itself and there’s a need to talk about that rest of the students in those branches.

No playground to refresh minds, sticking to the same place looking at the same books and mugging up the syllabus. Are they students or slaves? They are paying lakhs and lakhs of fees and are you providing the right facilities? It is high time to question the system. Because you can see these pity students standing at those grills, staring at us, expecting someone will come and release them. Just think and Please question. We do not want to see another life ending up their life.


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