This Video Of A Wedding In AP With Caterers Wearing PPE Kits Show Nothing Can Really Stop Indian Weddings


It’s now been more than 4 months since we got habituated to the ‘New Normal’ of corona virus, lockdowns, social distancing and all other such new norms.

Initially, Most people have postponed their important works like Constructions, Engagements and weddings considering that ‘once this lockdown and the virus are gone, things will be back to normal’. But things don’t look like they’re gonna be back to normal anytime soon. And in reverse people have started adopting this new normal of living with the corona virus.


Since the lockdown has begun, We’ve seen quite a few weddings, with limited number of guests.

But a viral video from a wedding in Andhra Pradesh has been doing rounds on social media where people are having food at a wedding, with caterers serving in PPE kits by following social distancing norms.


While some people found it pretty new and amusing to see people eating normally, while the serving caterers are serving them in PPE kits, Most people have accepted this as our ‘New Normal’.


Here are a few pictures from the wedding, Have a look:



According to a news report in India Today, The video is from a wedding that took place on July 22 in the Mudinepalli village, Andhra Pradesh.




Maybe this how weddings will be now. Maybe this is how we eat safely at weddings, This is out new normal that we have to accept:

Here’s the viral video from the wedding:


Ila inka enni variety lu chustamo! Only time will tell.


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