What Is The Treatment Given To Corona Patients? A Covid-19 Protocol For Common Man


We are dealing with a pandemic and its nowhere near ‘over’. The more the days are passing by in this ‘unlock’ phase, the more people are living with the fear.

What we need in these tough times is a little clarity and confidence about how to deal with things if they get ugly.


So just to give you guys a brief gist of the how a corona patient is treated, Here’s a detailed list of treatment ways and medication given to COVID-19 mild, moderate and severe patients.

This chart is initially posted by Naresh (@andhroidian) on Twitter.

The chart contains

Clinical criteria,

CT Chest Criteria (Detailed Chest X-ray)

Laboratory findings

Treatment methods & dosages

Anticoagulation (treatment with anticoagulant drugs to reduce the risk of the formation of blood clots.)


Oxygen support


Proning (placement of patients into a prone position so that they are lying on their stomach.)

Cytokine Storm (A cell pathway has been turned on, leading to the production of a number of biological mediators)

Comorbidity (State of having multiple medical conditions at the same time)

Trial Therapies

Monitoring time

Discharge criteria

Post discharge advice


Here’s the chart explaining all these things in detail for all 3 categories of patients:









Hoping this helps those in Panic. Stay home, Stay safe.


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