Basic Things You Can Do To Minimise The Risk Of Getting Corona


While going Out of your Home:

1. Wear a full sleeves shirt and Full pants.

2. Wear a three layered or above mask.



3. Keep a pair of washed plastic covers near your door in the hall area.

4. Keep a big plastic tray in the hall area near the door.

5. Carry a pocket sanitizer (if your skin is sanitizer sensitive then wear rubber gloves).


When you’re Outside:

Apply sanitizer to your hands every time you come in contact with a living being or a non living being and before touching a living being or a non living being.

After reaching home:

1. Once you reach your doorstep apply sanitizer again and open your door, wear those plastic covers to your legs and enter your house. By this you don’t need to mop your floor everytime someone comes from outside. (You can also wear another plastic cover to your head to cover your hair.

2. Keep everything that you have in the plastic tray available.

3. Switch all your fans off and reach into your bathroom. If the washing machine is inside your bathroom keep all the clothes in it along with the plastic covers or put them in a tub where you keep the clothes that are to be washed.

4. Wash your hands with hand washing liquid or soap for about 20 seconds and also clean the tap and hand wash bottle.

5. Have a head bath with hot water and sit in isolation for at least 2 hours without coming in contact with others at home.

6. Buy ‘Betadine‘ available in almost any pharmacy store. Do gargling with that liquid after mixing it with equal proportions of water and also let the liquid go through your nostrils. During the initial few hours it is said that the major percentage of virus that you came in contact with, stays in the nostrils and throat pipe. So by gargling your mouth and letting Betadine and water mix go through your nostrils you can kill most of it.

7. Drinking Vitamin C rich juices will increase your immunity.


8. Taking Kashayam made of coriander will also help you.


9. Take lots of hot or warm water.

There are two ways you can control the effect of any Virus.

1. The number of exposures –

For the body to recover, reduce the number of exposures. If you went outdoors today then try not to go outdoors for the next 3-4 days, in this time gap your body will recover if exposed to any virus. During this time take all available stuff to improve your immunity and make your body regain its full ability.

2. Duration of exposure.-

This is the second important thing to follow. Wherever you go outdoors try not to stay at a particular place for a longer duration. Quickly finish your work and move. By this the amount of virus that could enter will be reduced. And if you are gargling with Betadine, have Kashayam and breathe steam the amount of virus that enters below your throat will reduce to a greater extent. And with already present immunity the body will fight back the virus if it’s of lesser amount.

Incorporating and Following these few changes in life will keep you on the safer side. Hope this helps.


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