15 Common Things We Want To Confess To Our Mother But We Never Really Say!


General ga na laanti valla intlo feelings inka emotions ni express cheyyadam nerpincharu, so most of the things we want to tell our mother and want her to understand goes unsaid. Chaala cheppali, amma vinaali ani anukuntaam kaani communication gap valla and manaki sarriga maatladam raakapovadam vaala cheppamu. So here are few things that we want to confess to our mothers:

1. ‘I don’t want to accept it but I’m a small version of you’
A, Aa, la ninchi baitiki velli brathakadam varaku anni nee ninche nerchukuna. Neela undadham anedhi, nee alavaatulu na alavaatulu avvadam unconscious gane aipoyayi.


2. ‘You are my role model’
Ninnu chusthune periganu, neeantha kakpoina neelo sagam manchithanam tho bathikesthe chaalu.


3. ‘I’m old enough’
Na age nee age lo half kuda undadhu ani thelsu. Nee antha experience inka wisdom naa deggara ledhu but nenu ee bhumi meedha unna konni years tho nenu konchem nerchukuna. Life has taught me things, I think you can trust me with that.


4. ‘I cannot do what my sister/brother is doing’
Akka/anna antha successful avvalani nee korika and nannu happy ga chudham anukuntunav kaani thanaki correct ainadhi naaku correct avvali ani rule ledhu. I want to be happy on my own terms.


5. ‘I have a boyfriend/girlfriend’
I know you think I am the most ‘innocent’ person but naaku kuda boyfriends/girlfriends unde. Even though some have hurt me I do not regret them.


6. ‘I cannot stay with you forever, it’s the path I have chosen’
Dhuram ga unte bandham thegipoinattu kaadhu. Ekkadunna, em chesthunna there won’t be a day that I won’t think of you.


7. ‘Marriage should be a choice, my choice’
Nee pempakam valla neeku thappu anipinchachu but it’s the right thing for me. It worked out for you and might be the right thing for my cousins but it’s not for me. I cannot live with a stranger.


8. ‘I am strong enough’
Both emotionally and physically. Konni sarlu nee support avasaramu untadhi, kaani nuv nannu naa kaala meedha nichogelige la penchav. You brought up an independent soul.


9. ‘I am confused right now but that is okay’
Nee life lo job and security oka avsaram, family kosam. Naa life lo career is a passion, even though I don’t know now I believe in myself, I want you to do that too.


10. ‘I know I can always come home’
I know you will always be there and nee prema eppudu thagadhu ani. You will always be my home.


11. ‘You are more than a parent’
Friend. Confidant. Forever love. GOD


12. I have some ‘bad’ habits
Neeku bad habits anevi naaku relief nee isthaayi, ekkuva em cheyyanu. Aapeyadaaniki try chesthuna but avvatle.


13. ‘My choices are different from yours and it’s not wrong’
Manam entha different people anna, we still love each other!


14. ‘Sorry for the all the time, I wanted to tell you sorry but didn’t’
Naaku thelsu thappu naadhe and ninnu hurt chesaanu ani, kaani edho aapesindhi.


15. Even though I don’t say it much I do love you!
Cheppakapoina neeku ardham avthadhi ani naaku thelsu.


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