Commut – Making Your Journey to Office Cheaper and Simplified!

Launch Date : November 2nd, 2015
Brains Behind it : Sandeep Kachavarapu, Charan Thota,Hemanth Jonnalagadda, Srujai Varikuti and Prasanth Garapati

Remember how we used to have School Buses ( Or Autos ) that used to pick us up everyday from our home and drop us back. How it was always a cheaper and better option than city RTC buses or any other means of transport. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could get something similar ( like a minivan ) to take us to office without ever getting late. Enter Commut, A city based MiniVan services which promises the best ride possible in the city. Read On to know more…

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What Was The Eureka Moment !?

One of our co-founders used to travel every day from Dilshuknagar to Hitech city every day for work. He was frustrated with the existing transportation options. Expensive Cabs ( with surge pricing at peak times ( 1.5X or 2X etc., ) or Drive in heavy traffic for 20-25 KM. After discussions and thorough background research we realised the scale of the problem, and then decided to solve the complex situation of mass commutation ourselves and started Commut.

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How did Commut start to solve the present problem ?

Commut has a fleet of 17 Mini Buses which do the Point to point pick-up, Economical (Just Rs 3 per KM, Guaranteed AC seat,No hidden costs, No surge pricing), Guaranteed AC seat , Live tracking of vehicles & ETA,Thorough background check of Drivers, Route optimisation & Least travel time.

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So you’re telling me it’s cheap, But what else ?

Nearly 60% of the users are women! ( It gives us immense satisfaction that we are are helping many women reach their homes and offices safely and comfortably). Reduces the no of cars on road, Decongestion of roads, Reduces Carbon footprints. We have collaborated with Car Free Thursday and HYSEA (Hyderabad Software Exporters Association), Raahigiri Day  to help reduce the no of vehicles on road.

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I’m Impressed, but what if you don’t have service in my route?

Our vision is to redefine the daily commute experience for urban population.We are adding new routes every week and within 3 months we want to expand throughout the city and increase the frequency in peak hours. A user can define the route at our website and the services will be started there in shortest time possible. At present, we have, Registered users in our platform : 3000+ , Bookings till date : 4000+. Which is always growing.

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Great. Cool. Say, If I want to start my own startup, how do I about it?

  1. Identifying the problem to solve: Is the problem pain point you are trying to solve is big enough ? Is that really a pain point for people? Can you connect yourself to the problem? Are you excited to solve it?
  2. Build MVP Or Dummy (Product) : Always just build a prototype/bare minimum product (Minimum Viable Product ) very fast and take it to a few customers for feedback.‘ Build MVP -> Feedback -> Iterate -> feedback’  should be the mantra.
  3. Customer Obsession : Need to understand your customer behaviour really well. You need to be in constant touch with them, take feedback, make sure that reflects in the product revisions.
  4. Lastly, Never ever ever Quit, come what may! Initial days will be very difficult and tough.

As Jack Ma says “ Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine“.

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So Check It Out Now And Get Riding?!

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