10 Common Dreams That Most Of Us Have And What They Actually Mean!

Dreams, some say that dreams are just your brains way of giving a form to your subconscious thoughts. Despite the difference of opinion, researchers and psychologists unanimously agree that dreams are not meaningless. Understanding what your dreams mean may be the key to unlocking the mystery of your deepest thoughts. Or it may just be very simple things. Many of us may have had this one dream where we are fighting the urge to urinate (please don’t urinate in the dream, it is embarrassing for everyone) actually means that you need to just get up and take a trip to the washroom.
What if the dream you had last night is just your answer to something inexplicable? The fact actually is that we can look at our dreams as a sign to our anxieties, fears and hopes. But how do you even interpret them?
Here are some of the common dreams most of us have and their probable meaning.
1. Naked:
Dreams that show naked people or project you nude mean that you are feeling vulnerable. It can also mean that you are afraid to expose your true self or that you are simply comfortable in your own skin. It is also said to be a sign of insecurity.
2. Being Chased:
If you dream about being chased by someone or something then research says that you’re facing problems in your real life and you need to tackle it. It also states that you are afraid of something and are threatened by it when awake.
3. Being Late:
Dreams of being late to a class or office or any important place are observed when you are feeling too anxious or neglecting any important aspect in life.
4. Falling:
Falling represents having problems with office or relationship and informs a key aspect that you may have forgotten to do something when you were awake.
5. Flying:
It states that you have things under your control and you can get things done as planned and unable to fly states that there’s something missing of key importance in life which is left unnoticed.
6. Vehicles:
If you dream of driving an out of control car then you need to let go off certain habits which are going to effect in long term and if someone else is driving then they are misleading you.
7. Running:
If you dream about running and not stopping anywhere then there’s something that is holding you back in life and you should maybe learn to let go.
8. Drowning:
Water which may appear in many forms, symbolizes the unconscious mind. Calm pools of water show inner peace while a rough ocean can suggest difficult times. Drowning indicates a lack of control over the situation.
9. Snakes:
Snakes often represent the part of your mind that feels connected to nature and its survival. Being chased by a snake in dreams suggests you’re holding back repressed emotions like fear, aggression or rage. Ophidiophobia or ophiophobia could be one of the reasons for it.
10. Teeth Falling out:
One of the most common forms of dreams that most of us get. It defines fear of getting old or a lack of communication with your partners. It also symbolizes the adverse effects our partners may have over us.
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