15 Funniest Photos Of ‘Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018’ That Are Just Aww


No matter how naturally funny we humans are. We get conscious in front the camera. But animals are pure souls, they don’t care about anything, and live their heart out. Maybe that’s why they are way funnier than humans in pictures.

Apparently, there’s a ‘Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards‘ that exists, and gives out awards to the photographers who’ve captured animals in their funniest, natural way. And here are some of the best entries of this year.


1. Smile ra rey, smile.


2. Candid ka baap


3. Inka aapa ra plz


4. ‘Close your eyes, we’re kissing’




6. Photo tharwatha, Sleep important


7. Aaga ra rey, inka not ready


8. Oh manchi Elukubanti


9. Odiyamma


10. Make way for boss, please.


11. ‘Vaaadu Photo theesthunnadu’


12. *Rajinikanth Royal Laugh*


13. Dhummi Dhuliping, literally.


14. A Cute Battalion


15. *When you play DJ Srinu Song*


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