Coco Works, Where Health Meets Fun: Coconut Lovers, This Is What Your Next Stop Should Be


Fruits lo annitkante healthiest fruit enti ante okkokaru okko answer cheptaru emo kani, Manaki eppudu neerasam ga unna, Tinnadhi aragaka kadupu lo manta ga unna (PG, Hostel boys, Especially manake), Feverish ga unna, Mana andariki unanimous ga gurtoche fruit, COCONUT aka BONDAM NEELLU.

Yas, Kobbari Bondam neellu taagithe oche mazaa inka ye fruit replace cheyaledhu. Ah comfort, relief and taste. Coconut is coconut ante.


Mari naalanti cult Coconut fans ki, Coconut water tho evaranna unique experiments chesaru ante next level lo excite avtham

The company we’re talking about now is, Coco works.

Coco works is a 100% pure and natural beverage company who are serving us coconut water with super interesting twists and flavours.

Founded by a doctor couple (A paediatrician & A dermatologist), The focus of the company is to make healthy food, fun. And to make the healthiest cold-pressed beverages along with coconut water, that are 100% pure and natural.


Simply put, There’s a small and ‘sweet’ quote that sums up their motto,

In The World Of Carbonated Soft Drinks.. Be Someone’s Sweet Coconut Water..

So we got in touch with one of the founders of Coco Works, And asked a few interesting questions about their speciality, Why coconuts, and the health benefits of their drinks. Have a look:


1 Where did the inspiration come from?

We were on a nutrition conference to Vietnam two years ago and there we got inspired by the quality of coconuts and value added products and in South East Asia countries majority of tender coconuts were certified organic. Coming back we wanted to give Hyderabad people the best quality coconut water and it’s value added nutritionally rich products. This took us 6-7 months of sourcing R&D by reaching out to different states and with the help of agricultural scientists, who could find the farmers who practice IPM(Integrated pest management) avoiding usage of banned pesticides and take good care of the harvest. The idea is pretty basic.. best ingredients make better products.


2 How many flavours of drinks are available at Coco works?

Starting from Chilli guava tender coconut water to Vegan dark chocolate tender coconut water, There are close to 16 variants of cold pressed Melanges,3 smoothie variants available now. We also will be launching other range of eats based on coconut soon.


Purple haze, Orange tender coconut, Pinacolada, Popoye’s punch, Pink Panther are ad few of the interesting flavours available at Coco works.


3 Health impact: How healthy are Coco works drinks?

Nature and nature’s produce. That’s all. Nothing else goes into our products. We have implemented the best practices in the world in terms of tender coconut handling right from farm level to the end product and our Melanges are cold pressed which retains maximum nutrition in comparison with conventional juicing and our coconut water isn’t heat treated which is the conventional practice by major brands that are known to alter the taste and nutritional profile.


4 Why coconuts?

Coconut tree is known as Kalpavrisha. Meaning, Every part of it is useful and has health aiding factors. Think of nature’s offering as a liquid food.. there aren’t many. Coconut water is one among them and it is still an impulsive buying at roadside whereas in other countries people have it regularly because of its immense nutritional properties. Coco works aims to put coconut water ahead of lab made artificial flavoured synthetic drinks and this can give a better support to the coconut farmers as we do ethical sourcing.

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Don't fear, 'The Dark Knight' is here! The delightful blend of Chocolate and Tender Coconut Water will leave you with the experience of a lifetime! Rich in Antioxidants and Electrolytes, taste the goodness of Coconut and the indulgence of Cocoa in one sip! We are now on @zomatoin @swiggyindia @dunzo_it! Order now and reenergize yourselves! For more information, contact: 7995003393 #CocoWorks #TCW #TenderCoconutWater #DUNZO #ZOMATO #SWIGGY #OrderNow #ChocolateMelange #CoconutMelange #Sustainable #Pure #Natural #Healthy #Nutritional #Hygienic #Hydrating #WeightLoss #Antioxidants #EthicallySourced #RightlyPackaged #EthicalHarvesting #FairTrade #EcoFriendly #ColdPressedJuices #Premium #Purpose #Coconuts #DarkChocolate #CoconutWater

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5 How are customers reacting to these new flavours? What are the most popular flavours?

We have got around 95 percent of customer satisfaction in terms of quality, taste and packaging which we had noted over the last 8 months of premarket analysis through events marathons meets etc. Our best sellers are Tender coconut water,Pink panther, Pinacolada, Purple haze, Pomegranade, Juzz beet it.

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Deliciously sweet with a hint of tartness, this Pomegranate melange is brimming with Antioxidants. Add Tender Coconut Water to the mix and you’ve got yourself a 'Coco – Grenade' that’ll blow your mind. Nipping symptoms of cancer and anemia in the bud while lowering the risks of heart attacks and stomach upsets! Get in the tropical feels and grab your drink at FNCC or order online @zomatoin @swiggyindia @dunzo_it For more information, contact: 7995003393 #CocoWorks #TCW#TenderCoconutWater #CocoGrenade #PomegranateMelange #CoconutMelange #FNCC #OrderNow #Sustainable #Pure #Natural #Healthy #Nutritional #Hygienic #Hydrating #WeightLoss #HealthyStomach #EthicallySourced #RightlyPackaged #EthicalHarvesting #FairTrade #EcoFriendly #Premium #Purpose #Coconuts #Pomegranate #CoconutWater

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6. How’s Coco works different from others?

Best Indian coconuts, The best process to retain the nutrition, No nonsense additives or chemicals, What customers get is the healthiest sip of nature. And from start we are focussed to create circular economy, sustainable business practices, Good manufacturing practices. Not all brands talk about these.

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At #CocoWorks, the health of our customers and employees has always been a top priority. Our facility strictly follows WHO safety measures while our employees have been following strict safety guidelines using masks & gloves, undergoing temperate checks and regular washing of hands. We strive to bring you the best Tender Coconut Water & the healthiest cold-pressed melanges in Hyderabad right from the source to your homes! Stay nutrihydrated with CocoWorks and boost your immunity For more info, check us out on: #CocoWorks #TCW #TenderCoconutWater #CoconutMelange #Sustainable #Pure #Healthy #Nutritional #Hygienic #Hydrating #NutriBeverage #SustainableBeverages #EthicalBeverages #ThinkCoconut #ThinkCocoworks #Hyderabadi #HealthyHyderabad #Natural #NaturePower #ColdPressedJuices #Premium #Purpose #Coconuts

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So yeah, Coconut lovers, If you wanna try their interesting coconut based drinks, Reach out to them on Instagram / Facebook

Checkout their website for more details:

BONDAM is the best!


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