All You Need To Know About ‘Climb On Hyderabad’ That Helps You Plan For Perfect Adventure Experiences!


We plan.. We fail.. This happens to us always. When we are in dire need of an adventure trip, and our friends do not accompany us, we had to drop our plans. If we start planning alone, at some point of time, we feel that “Its not going to happen”. Reasons may be different, sometimes we have issues with accommodation, sometimes with food, sometimes a fear of going alone. Travel lovers.. you are not alone anymore. A small organisation in Hyderabad “Climb on Hyderabad” brings all the travel enthusiasts together and organises adventure trips in the most economical way.

Lets Meet up:
Age is never a matter to travel. The zeal and enthusiasm to explore new places is all that matters. Climb On is a place which brings travel enthusiasts together. They facilitate fun, informative, inspirational and recreational outdoor adventure experiences. They also provide unique opportunity of learning the basics of rock climbing and improving your top-roping skills and techniques from their certified trainers. This organisatio, founded by Ashim Kumar Majumdar, now has a team of 15 members. Right from students to working employees, it organises trips upon their own interest but not for making money. They organise trips to different places every weekend. They also plan activities across the country.

The hosts/leadership team post the information about it on People interested can join them. “Climb on” team will look after all the food, hospitality and travel arrangements. According to the statistics, “Climb on Hyderabad” is one of the top most active adventure groups across the world.

Strangers!!! Not anymore:
So it all starts there. Once you join in the trip, the event coordinators will update you with all the trip plan and arrangements. Right from pooling to food they will be taking care. Sometimes travelling gives you a chance to introspect yourself. Also meet new people and learn new things. People were different, their domain were different. One is a father of two kids, one is a just married couple, the typical geek students, stressed out software employees and few travel freaks, you will come across of people of many kinds. You will get a chance to learn many things from them. Love, caring, responsibility, discipline, dedication, commitment and finally the love for travelling. They might be strangers then, but will not be anymore. If you are a travel freak, then this will be a right choice for you.


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