Here’s How This Group Of Citizens Are Setting An Example With Eco Friendly Ganesh Nimajjanam!


“Vinayaka Chavithi” chandhaalu teeskoni oka vaaram mundhu apartment antha discussions pettukoni oka “Plaster-Of-Paris” statue tecchukuntaaru… adhi kuda pakkana apartment kante peddhadhi ga undho ledho chuskovaatam maathram maanaru! Modhati roju anni cinemaallo Ganesh pataalu moguthaayi, tharwatha anni rojulu item song lu mogina pattinchukone vaalle undaru….! This is the method people are following everywhere. Eco Friendly anedhi mataalaku mathrame parimitham avuthondhi.

Ok wait, we have an interesting story about this apartment, Silicon ridge, Rajapushpa properties in Attapur, who celebrated “Vinayaka Chavithi” in an amazing way. School lo pillalu mattitho vigrahaalu chesi teeskochinappudu ochindhi oka manchi alochana andhariki. Manam kuda only Matti vigraham pedtham ani fix aipoyaaru apartment lo peddhavalu antha. Inka em undhi, search and research modhalu. They finally found a store “PRIDHVI GANESHA IDOL BOOKING” and the statue costed them just 6000 rupees. Oka peddha gated community ki idhi chinna amount ae kadha.




Idol vishyam ki osthey motham banka matti, dry grass tho chesindhi, no harsh chemicals at all. Plain ga undhi decoration ki colors vadakudadhu anedhi villa plan. So peddha vallaki odilesaaru. Vallu em aina thakkuva andham ga pasupu kumkuma tho kanichesaru. See the beauty.



They conducted a workshop for kids on how to make Idols, you can see the pictures and just imagine how happy the kids are seeing the result of their own creativity.



We should really appreciate the people of this apartment for trying to sow the seeds of good thought in kids. Vaallu peddha ayyaka only Eco-Friendly festivals avuthai emo. Andharu ila chesthey, probably ten years down the line, tank bund chaala fresh ga thayyaaravthundemo. Second best city to live nunchi “First” ki vellipovachu emo kadha!




Ippudu intha successful ga Eco-friendly paddathi lo chesi malli tank band lo kalipeyyala? Ee traffic, police permission, ivi anni evadu padathaaru anukunnaru…. Kaani nimajjanam aithe pakka cheyyali, paddathi prakaram. So they dug a small pit, covered it with ‘Tarpaulin’, filled it with water and placed the Idol and watered it using fresh tank water. It took around 15 minutes to get dissolved. Now they have planned to plant some flower pots. Inspiring isn’t it. Let us all follow this, at least from next time.



Picture credits : Nivea Anand.


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