9 Savage Comebacks Every Chubby Girl Needs In This Society


Contributed By Sai Hitheesha

‘Beauty comes in all sizes’ ee chinna vishayanni artham cheskoleka entho mandi evevo antu untaru. Chubby girls listen to a lot of unwanted suggestions on a daily basis. Mari alantivi vine manaki, tirigi answers ivvataniki, these would be great comebacks:


1. “Niku ni sizes dresses dorakadam kastam anukunta kada..

-> “Niku ni size brain dorakadam kuda kastam anukunta kada”

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2. oh my god. Please don’t run. I thought we were having an earthquake..lol

-> Maybe if i push you down through hole as narrow as your mind, you’ll stop having illusions. trust me. It’s really therapeutic’

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3.You should join the gym and lose weight

-> You should join the rehab.

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4.Hey. non-veg manesey, chepthuna kada..non-veg manesthe automatic ga slim aipotharu anta.

-> “Then why are you like this? Considering you obviously eat peoples brain”

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5.You’re little fat kada..You shouldn’t show so much skin

->” But i cant help it while you’re inspiring me when you’re popping of your stupid mouth like champagne”

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6.Niku minimum slim figure undi unte pakka 10 mandi padipoyevaru ipatiki

-> ” Ayoo..nijame…you’re great at everything just because you’ve got slim figure…i hate myself…my life is waste…you’re great”

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7.. ” Hawww….ni weight 65 kgs ahh…

-> ” Haaa…at least its higher than your percentage”

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8.Ammayi koncham laavu kadandi..twaraga pelli cheseyandi..leda inka lavu aithe evaru cheskoru

-> UGHHHH..Meeru Maarara!!?

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9. Emanna tablets vadochu kadha, weight thaggutav!!

->’Konchem brain vadochu kadhaa..’

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