These Guys In Hyderabad Made Sure It Was Indeed A “Merry Christmas” For Orphan Kids!

Christmas comes and goes every year. And every year there are a few wishes that are left unfulfilled.
But these guys in Hyderabad made sure that this time around, it wasn’t the case. Hello Curry, a Hyderabad-based fast food start-up gave the kids of ‘Ashraya Foundation for Orphans’ a surprise they will never forget. The lovely video caught our eye… Just look at their smiles!

Oye Happy, in collaboration with MAD also did something beautiful this Christmas. They made 40 such dreams come true!
40 Santas from across the country, responded to letters written by these school children and helped bring not just a wonderful smile on their faces, but also a sparkle in their eyes and hope in their lives.

It’s refreshing to see start-ups like these taking up such nice campaigns! Heart-warming, indeed!!

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