Old Chitti Vs New Chitti: Here’s How Chitti Has Changed After 8 Years


There isn’t one cinema lover in the whole India who doesn’t know Chitti the Robot. This euphoria and madness started way back in 2010. At the times when we used to look up to Hollywood for movies with ultimate graphics. Robot gave us a ray of hope that Indian cinema is no less than Hollywood.

Rajinikanth sir himself had been flamboyant in the role Chitti. Back then, Even school going kids like us loved the ‘good Chitti’ and enjoyed watching him to the core. The ‘Evil Chitti’ was a surprise for us but he left a huge impact on us.


After a few years, When 2.0 was announced, we were all excited because we were confident that we are going to witness something huge on screen again. But because the project and scale are so huge, the film got delayed over the years. When we witnessed the first posters of 2.0, Chitti literally got updated to the next version.


Back then in Robot, Chitti looked simple and decent. He was innocent and hadn’t known the world. Now, He looks stylish and majestic. Though nothing is revealed till now, Chitti is not going to fight with himself but he is going to fight for a bigger cause.


‘This time we are going to witness Rajinikanth sir as Vasikaran, Chitti, The updated version 2.0, A big sized Chitti and also a small unrevealed surprise’ says the director Shankar. So, this time it is not just going to be huge, but also more for the fans.


1. As the whole film is shot in 3D and we cannot go to the theatres just to watch the trailer and the teasers, LYCA productions introduced screen guards by which we can get the 3D experience on phone.


2. 2.0 is also introducing 4D surround sound in Indian cinema for which we need to have speakers even below our seats.


3. We have all seen in the posters saying ‘The fifth force’ is coming. Here is Shankar sir’s answer about what is it.

‘There are four main forces that have been discovered till now in the world. They are the Gravitational force, Electromagnetic force, Big Nuclear force, Small Nuclear force. The fifth force hasn’t been discovered yet in the world. Based on that, we are bringing 2.0’.

We have watched many 3D films till now, but 2.0 is definitely going to be different from all those.


Here is the Telugu trailer of 2.0


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