All You Need To Know About The First Ever Unplugged Telugu Musical Show In Youtube!


Now a days lot of new talents are coming up with cover versions of songs, Internet is filled with such cover versions, reprises and etc. To encourage such budding talent, Chitraastra has come up with “Encore”, a live unplugged show that will be featured on a global platform, YouTube.


The amount of musical talent Telugu states have is immense, especially among the 16-25 age group. “Encore” is one such platform dedicated solely to such musicians. Started by Nayanesh, Lohit and Prudhvi of Chitraastra, Encore aims to have 100 episodes featuring young, independent, upcoming musicians across the telugu states. Encore aims to have 4 seasons in 2017, with 4 episodes in each and the popular city based band Capricio has collaborated with them for the first season. Capricio a leading and the only exclusive film fusion music band from Hyderabad has been featured in this season, with them performing medleys of popular songs. These were shot at Bottega Fine Foods Café.


They have come up with the beautiful medley of the composer Mickey.J.Meyer’s melodious hits as a part of Episode 1 and unplugged version of urumulu nimuvvalai from Chandraleka movie in Episode 2 of “Encore”.




All the enthusiastic musicians out there here is your chance to prove yourself and show the world the touch of your music. Encore is a platform that anyone can approach and can be a part of it. Interested musicians can just register on their website and they’ll then audition and film the music videos. Encore don’t have any sorts of restrictions, only the skill and talent matters. They aim to give every talented Telugu musician a vast visibility and aspire to be THE platform for Telugu talent.


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