Check Out This TEDx Talk By ‘Chintakindi Mallesham’ About How He Invented His Novel Weaving Machine!


How often have we had a dead end situation in our life? Like we feel that there’s no road ahead of this situation or the world ceases all of the sudden.

At least once in our life right? And what do we do to solve that problem? Face it? Try to look for a solution and if everything fails we search for “an alternative”! But, what if that alternative can be a livelihood for thousands and can take you to new heights. What if, a small machine and 7 years of hard work can help the people of a region have a better life and stop suicides? What if, that is the only ray of hope when people seem to lose their interest in an art which is more than a century old?

Meet “Chinthakindi Mallesham” The man who invented the weaver machine to solve the plights of his mother, which later turned out to be a life changing invention for many weavers in the state.

Here’s his emotional story of how he invented the “Lakshmi Asu Weaving Machine” which is bringing smiles throughout the weaving community!!

In a recent TEDx talk, he talks about his journey highlighting the problems he faced on the road to one of the greatest inventions for weavers.


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