Chinmayi’s YouTube Channel Proves She’s Not Just A Singer But Multitalented


Most of us know Chinmayi Sripada as a great singer, and a dubbing artist. But interestingly she also a YouTube channel, where she keeps posting cool stuff about various things.

Be it Makeup Tutorials (for men & women), Vlogs covering some interesting topics, Cover songs in her voice.



She recently posted a new video ‘Handloom Trails with Chinmayi – Gollabama Saris of Telangana‘, that explores the beauty and origin of Local made ‘Gollabama Saris’.

She even talks to the local artists who weave saris on a daily basis. You can watch it here:


Apart from that, she does cover songs,


General topics like, ‘Installing a Biogas plant, solar panels at home


She’s also a great dog lover



And a lot more. You can follow her work on her YouTube channel

PS: Also her, Not just on YouTube, she posts very relevant & important things about society, and life in general on her Instagram. You can follow her here.


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