10 Most Used Chinese Apps In Our Daily Life & Their Alternatives


If you’ve been following the recent, #BoycottMadeInChina movement, You already are looking for all kinds of alternatives to Chinese softwares already. In this article, We’ll see some of the most popular Chinese apps we use in our daily lives and their best alternatives.


1. Files by Google – Alternative for Shareit

Shareit is a famous app that started as a file transfer application, but now it is becoming more like a content platform just like Helo and ShareChat. With Files by Google, You can send and receive files without any ad or content notification.


2. Adobe Scan – Alternative for Cam Scanner

Last year, The CamScanner app was removed from the Play Store after Kaspersky found a Trojan Horse module (Hidden Malware) inside the CamScanner app. Adobe Scan is one of the best alternatives providing the same service.


3. Norton App lock – Alternative for App Lock

Norton app lock is a simple, ad-free and offers a clean experience. Whereas in ‘AppLock’ you are basically allowing the app to read your internal storage and have access to the camera and microphone.


4. Kine Master – Alternative for Viva Video

According to a few reports, Our Indian government has banned Viva Video back in 2017for spying on Indian users. KineMaster offers a full-fledged video editing experience.


5. Files by Google – Alternative for ES File Explorer

Before Files was launched by Google, A lot of people were using ES File Explorer, But now that Google has released it’s own file explorer it’s clearly safer and smoother experience.


6. Triller – Alternative for Tiktok

As you already know that there are already a lot of issues going with Tiktok in India, ‘Mitron’ got popular all of a sudden claiming as as Indian app but turns out, It’s just a clone of Pakistani app, Tictic, Now it’s also removed from Playstore. Triller is a decent alternative we now have for Tiktok. You can lip-sync, take up challenges, and create amazing music videos.


7. Google Chrome – Alternative for UC Browser

Hands down, Google chrome is safer than UC Browser any day.


8. Proton VPN – Alternative for Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is one of the most popular VPNs in our country because of its free service, no speed restriction and no data limit. But it has security issues. ProtonVPN is a free VPN without any data limit and offers a good selection of VPN servers around the world.


9. Sharechat – Alternative for Helo

Sharechat offers regional content in more than 15 Indian languages, Which is clearly bette than Helo.


10. Google Docs & Microsoft – Alternative for WPS Office

Safety-wise, User interaction-wise, Both Google docs and Microsoft office are very much better than WPS Office.


Google recently removed the recent viral sensation app, ‘Remove China Apps‘ all of a sudden.

So if you have any doubt about whether an app is Chinese or not.. You can always check it, Here’s how to:


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