9 Situations From Our Childhood When Our Parents Over-Reacted Over Small Things!


Our entire childhood was decided by our parents. Actually they are the biggest lairs you see. Ok don’t abuse me, let me complete bro, Their one and only rule ‘If you get good marks we won’t scold you no matter what you do’ is a big lie. Yes there’s a huge list where our parents got angry at us and we’ll be like what!! This bothered you so much?


1. First and foremost! If the fan and light are on and you’re in the room. Daddy darling will be like “Why the hell are they on when you’re not here?”
Daddy washroom ki poya, okka nimishame ga.
No! I am Paying Bill, If you pay you’ll know.



2. Ekkada unna vasthuvulu akkade undaali, ledhu ante ‘Amma Turns to Ammoru’. Aa remote table meedha pettali ani telidha enni ani saddhali nenu ahh? Amma TV meedhe pettanu parledhu amma. No table meedhane undaali (Mark those words in bold) One fine day she’ll be like Table meedha dhummu edhi? It’s missing!



3. Remote ante gurthu ochindhi. Asalu entha possessive feel aipothaaro remote gurinchi ala diwan cot medha padesama neeku thittla abhishekham start. “Anthey padeyi nee ishtam ochinattu nuvvu sampadisthe telusthundi neeku vasthuvula viluva” pakka vine untaaru.



4. National Geographic channel ki deeniki theda ento telusa? Adhi normal idhi animated, migthadhi antha same to same. Akkada veta ae ikkada kuda, ok don’t give stress to your brain I was talking about “Tom and Jerry” re. (I know you are secretly wishing Pawan Kalyan must have delivered that Simham dialogue when we were kids)



5. “Chesindhi Kakarkayi kura, malli nenu dhanni thinalani nuvv expect cheyyatam, not fair ma!” “Roju ladies finger cheyyataniki mee nanna Ambani em kaadhu.” “Mummy, Ambani pillalu roju Ladies finger ae thintaraa? so sad!!”



6. Thintunnapudu okka methuku kindha padindha, edho maths lo fail ainattu feel aipothaaru, idhey na nenu neeku nerpinchindhi?



7. School lo PT period roju edho oka maraka antukuntundhi. “Mattilo dolli ochava enti ee battalu? Uthakalekha chachipothunna.” Dear Surf Excel! Why din’t you come up with “Marakalu Manchive” concept during our Childhood, Why Maan Why?



8. Mana chethilo nunchi okka ginni padipoindha, “Padesey, edhi unda nivvaku intlo anni viragotte nuvvu sampadisthunnav ga maari.” Adhe amma chethilo nunchi padithe ayyo cheyyi jaaripothundi weak aipothundhi.



9. Manam serious ga TV chusthunnapude gurthu osthundhi ‘Mummy the dearest’ ki Koncham water teeskoni raava ani aduguthundi, adigindhi ok agachu ga 1, 2,3 ani mind lo lekka pettukunundhi emo, 3 seconds avvagane start water kuda teskoni raavu chi ani Melodrama start chesethundhi, lechey lopey. You know what she does… She gets it herself. Inka nuvvu TV off cheesy varuku thittlu aggavu.



Remember Remember! Those three seconds are a Life’s Game Changer!
Do you think we missed anything?


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