South India’s First Ever Child Friendly Court Room Begins At Nampally!


Crimes against and by Children are rising at an alarming rate today. However, there is a desperate need for reforms in the system. At present most of the practices in evidence gathering and witness interrogation, for example, need to revamped completely. Child friendly spaces will help in this and aid fast disposal of these cases. Most crimes against children don’t even see a courtroom because victims are too frightened to speak out.

A first step in this direction is setting up child friendly court rooms. Telangana has become the first in South India and the sixth state in the country to have child friendly court rooms. These courts will look to dispose the 1640 cases that are pending as of 2015. Handling nothing other than the cases pertaining to children, this court will efficiently bring many more cases to conclusion.

The victim will be separated from the offender in order to prevent any intimidation. The victim will have a direct access to the judge whereas, the offender will be in a different room viewing the proceedings by means of video conferencing. This way both victim and offender can sit through the proceedings without any physical interface. Unlike a regular courtroom, the policemen and judges will sit there in plainclothes to make the children feel a lot more comfortable about the proceedings.


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