This Video Of 20,000 Fans Cheering For Thala Dhoni In Practice Match Is Pure Goosebumps


IPL lo migitha anni teams craze oka pakka aithe, CSK ki unna loyal fan following vere level anamata. Asale team ki madhya lo ban padi, manchi 2 years gap tarwata malli last year ochi, cup kottaru, Malli eppudeppudaa ani kasi ga wait chesthunna fans ki treat laga, ‘practice match’ ki free ga vadhilaru. Usually practice matches ki crowd entha thakkuva untadho manaki thelsindhe, But this video will change your mind.

Have a look at crowd crowd cheering for Thala Dhoni in a practice session for CSK:


People are going crazy over this video:




P.S: For CSK fans, There is an exclusive documentary coming up on Hotstar called, ‘Roar Of The Lion’. Here’s the trailer. Full Documentary premieres on 20th of this month.


P.P.S: Here’s a video of Dhoni and a fan having fun.


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