Check Out How GHMC Plans To Take On The Plastic Problems In Hyderabad!

Plastic garbage is commonly seen everywhere and has started causing several problems. Plastic waste clogs drains, causing floods. It chokes animals who eat plastic bags, etc. Plastics found in field blocks germination and prevent rainwater absorption. Recycling plastic can be done only 3-4 times and melting the plastic for recycling releases highly toxic fumes.

As Government ordered in November 2015 has made it mandatory for all road developers in the country to use waste plastic, along with bituminous mixes, for road construction. This is to help overcome the growing problem of plastic waste disposal in India.

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has decided to go for this type of road based on the positive feedback of a pilot project undertaken in Nagole. 100-metre stretch of plastic mix road was laid on the Nagole-Uppal road a few months ago at a cost of Rs. 10 lakh.

With the mere budget of Rs. 70 crore, The GHMC has taken up repair works in 489 locations across the city In the 10 locations of Jubilee Hills and Hafeezpet, The ‘plastic roads’ which are not only for being eco-friendly but long-lasting and economical as well.

The officials plan to procure recycled plastic waste from vendors. In Bengaluru and Delhi, plastic waste has been widely used in road laying. With the help of plastic the roads will be Stronger with increased Marshall Stability Value and Better resistance towards rainwater and water stagnation.


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