Drinking Is Injurious To Health, Not To Your Wallet: Cheap & Best Bars In Hyderabad!


We all look for that perfect place to unwind with the boys on a lazy weekend… But more often than not, we cannot hit the high-end pubs because:


a) They are damn expensive.

b) We can’t be ourselves there. Fake accents and confusing food.


So we thought we should help out guys like us and compiled a list of the cheapest and best bars all over the city. You’re welcome, beer brothers.


1. Club 8, Begumpet: The original Club 8, it is a bit expensive compared to the others in here. A pretty good place to chill out, though.



2. Adda, Kukatpally: True to the name, this place is almost always swarming with the local college kids and those uncles looking for a decent evening-out from their wives.

adda kukatpally


3. Palate Tips Bar, near Apollo-Vikrampuri. Beeru yerulayi paarataniki perfect place!

palate tips vikrampuri


4. Bar One, at Tadbund and Suchitra Jn. (off Medchal Road): One of the reliable brothers to your rescue, any time of the day (except on those wretched Dry Days, of course.)

bar one tad bund


5. Maharaja Bar, Paradise Center: Don’t be deceived by the looks. It is quite an awesome place!

maharaja secbad


6. Regale Bar, A.S. Rao Nagar: Though the pricing is similar to other bars in the area, this is one of the best in terms of food and ambiance.

regale as rao nagar


7. Madhushala Barnext to Haiking in Himayatnagar: Best place to go for cheap and great food.



8. Blue King Bar, Sudarshan theater complex, RTC X Roads: The King of Old Times.

blue king rtc x rds


9. Bar One(again!), Kothapet: This one bar makes a comeback, mainly because I personally have many college memories here. If there were a King of Budget Bars, it would be this. Paise pool karo, chalo Bar One!

bar one kothapet


: This place runs right beside the commissioners office. Got to give it to them for their guts.


: The king of good times. This place is easily the best to chill with a bunch of your friends.


Tell us where you are hanging out at this weekend! Aaaand let us know if you know other cheap gems as well. Party fix chesi Dabbidi Dibbidey ika!


[All pictures sourced from Zomato.]


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