Meet Chameli Nadella, A Female Telugu Rider And Moto Vlogger Who Is Winning Hearts From Audience Through Her Rides

Oka ammai bike nadapadam chusthe oka high feel osthundi , Boy friend bike ekkadam is a dream for many girls antaru chala mandhi but okasari boys perspective nundi alochisthe , manam oka ammai bike ekki vallu ride chesthunte akada nundi chuse view , what a feeling saar…

Adhe ammai ride cheyadam tho paatu danne oka passion ga oka career build cheskunte ? How beautiful and strong that dream is ? Manalo chala mandhiki travelling ante istam, teliyani positive vibe untundi . Infact yeh Jawaani He Deewani Movie tarwatha travelling profession ga cheskovali ani chala mandhi fix aypoyaru kuda. Job pressure vallano, lekapothe time kudaraka podam vallano most of us travelling ni career ga choose cheskolekapoyam , epudanna ala year ki oka trip vesi satisfy avthamu anthe.

Chameli Nadella, 25 year old telugu ammayi thana passion and dream ayina Moto riding ni successful ga achieve chesaru. Female Moto Vloggers e chala takkuva mana country lo , vallalo athi takkuva time lo quality content ichi audience acceptance ni heartful ga sampadincharu Chameli garu. Moto Vlogging Youtube Channel start chesina 6 months lone 115K Subscribers strong family ni sampadincharu ante , its definitely a great achievement. Bellary lo puttina , Thana growing age lo Krishna Distict lo unnaru. Hyderabad ICFAI Business School lo MBA kuda chesaru.

“Chinnapati nundi Riding ante interest unde and ee journey lo friends and audience chala support icharu ” – Chameli

Moto vlogging start chedham anedhi unexpected decision ani , Ila moto vlogging medha interest undhani cheppinapudu , It took 3 years , parents ni convince cheyadaniki but eventually they accepted and vallu kuda support chesaru. Chinnapati nundi Travelling and adapting to new places was always there. Infact parents transfers adrustama ani 8-9 schools and states kuda maranu. Chala mandhi social media lo inspire ayyi messages chestharu , ila passion ni pursue chesthunamu ani , oka wide spread audience ki e awareness create cheddam ani motovlogging choose cheskunanu.

Co-Moto Vloggers nundi kuda chala support vachindhani , Valla nundi chala nerchukunanu ani chepparu. Officially as a Moto Vlogger first ride Kanya Kumari ayina,Bayya Sunny Yadav garitho vellina Kodaikanal was her first long ride ani annaru Chameli garu

First/ Favourite Bike

Chameli drive chesina first bike , chinnapudu valla thathagari TVS XL.Entha sweet moment adhi asala, Adhi chala memorable experience ani chepparu. Ipudu her favourite and present bike is Amaruq – Royal Enfield Classic 350 cc Gunmetal Grey

Place you want to visit again : “Nagarajuna Sagar is always my Go-To Place , malli malli vellali anipinche place adhe”

Dream Ride

Chameli valla father ni ekkinchukuni edaina chinna ride vesina , she said that would be her dream ride. Also Internationally A ride in Iceland is one of her dream rides.

Chameli ki sunrises and sunsets ante chala istam , Almost South Coastal places lo anni cover chesarani , Moto Vlogging start chesinapati nundi almost 12+ states, 3+ union territories cover chesaru. Till date major ga 4 Rides ki vellaru and all the videos are available on her Youtube Channel

Kanya Kumari Ride

Uttarakhand Ride

Leh Ladakh Ride

Vizag Ride

Advices to Upcoming Moto Vloggers

“Know your Reason, Manaki start cheyadaniki purpose teliyali. Complete safety precautions tiskuntu chesthe manchidhi. Mistakes nunche manam nerchukuntamu , so mistakes anevi common. Passion unte output adhe osthundi , Try chesthe interest undho ledho telusthundi, if you have interest in it you can eventually grow”

Other Interests:

“Apart from Travelling , Food is my second love “

Final Thoughts ?

E field lo ayina sare

“All you need to have is patience, Someday things will fall in place , appudu everything will take care of its own “

For more content Subscibe to her Youtube Channel Chameli Nadella

Instagram : Chameli Nadella

Here is wishing Chameli garu best wishes and more safe and successfull trips in future.

Adandi me friends circle lo evaranna budding moto vloggers unte tag them and say “All the Best Mowa”.

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