This Dussehra Long Weekend, Checkout And Binge Our Fresh Content From Chaibisket Family

Ee Dussehra long weekend ni icchindi.. OTT lo, Theaters lo movies vacchesaayi. But veetitho paatu we brought you some fresh content from our side also. Late cheyyakunda Space unnappudo, teeskono.. Ala binge watch kotteyandi. Trust me its worth it..


Yevayya Venkateswarlu:

5 episodes total ga 1 and half hour lopu happy ga binge kotteyachu. Visuals and Music will make you feel good.

Temporary Roommates:

Pandagaki intikellina Bachelors, mee family tho.. Room lone kaalakshepam cheddham anukunna vaallu vaalla roommates tho kalisi chill avthu binge kotteyachu ee series ni 6 episodes ey ayyay… cover chesesi, every sunday kottha episode vasthundi follow aypondi..


Music lovers.. Mee playlist kontha space occupy cheyyadaniki konni fresh songs ivi…


From the channels of Girl Formula and Boy Formula. Here are some relatable sketches.

Girl Formula:

Boy Formula:

Ikkada sample ga simple ga 10 mathrame pettaam.. Inka CB family lo ni chaala channels lo chaala content entertain cheyyadaniki ready ga undhi. Saradaga binge kottandi.. Chill ga entertain avthaaru.. Happy Dussehra.

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