What If Dad Acts Like Bigg Boss In Our House. Check Out Our New Hilarious Video


We all know that in every family, the most strict person will be the father. He behaves so for so many reasons. Father is the person who is like the backbone of the family and takes care of the whole family. Recently we have been so much into bigg boss that, apart from following the regularly we also started impersonating different housemates according to the situatons we encounter. The other peculiar and unique thing about bigg boss is the voice of Bigg boss because he cannot be seen but he can just be heard. The modulation in which Bigg boss gives his instructions to the housemates is favourite for many. But what if our father in the house acts like Bigg boss and delivers instructions just like Bigg boss?? Of course he is the bigg boss of the house, So let us take a look


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