We’ve Hit 200K Followers On Instagram & We Thank Each & Everyone Of You For Your Unconditional Love & Support!


Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. Roju oka timing, konchem perfection, inkonchem dedication aa paina team work anni kalipite “Chai Bisket”. Facebook lo morning motivation tho modhalai night time crazy articles tho mimmalni entertain chesthu.. Madhya madhyalo Khanna gadi crazy chestalu, Girl formula tho ammaila gurinchi manaki teliyani kotta logic lu, Jadoo gadu chese magic lu, Bachelor room lo Bawarchi antu bachelors kosam vantalu, Dilkush ga Dheeraja pette Bhaamma chivaatlu… ila okatenti anni vidhaala entertain cheyadaaniki gattigane rakthalu chindistunnam. Ivvani kakunda madya madyalo webseries lu, CB shorts la tho navvistunnam, bayapedhutunnam. Anthe kaadu.. konni sarlu alochimpachestunnam kuda. Ivvani cheyalante antha easy kadhandi. Kaasthantha dhairyam, thaginantha creativity, kondantha support kavali. Aa support meru chese likes, aa creativity meru chese comments, aa dhairyam meeru chese shares.


For all those asking, Story lo unna video di full video idi.. Pure Teamwork 👌😊 ©Durga

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Facebook, YouTube lo ne kaakunda, we owe a special thanks to our Instagram followers as we’ve hit the magic number 200,000. That’s right! Thanks to the overwhelming response, we’ve recently reached the milestone of 200k followers on Instagram and going strong! We’re now a family of 205K! We’ve been blown away by the amount of positive feedback and interaction received for our community through our Instagram page, @ChaiBisket. We’re supremely chuffed every day when we see our followers actually taking up our suggestions, travelling with us, trying the places we really like, and then sending us lovely messages. As they say, “A picture speaks thousand words”, we’ve been trying to evoke emotions and inspire conversations besides bringing happiness to you all through our Insta page.

Telugu states lo jarige kotta news lu, movie updates, maa CB video updates .. annititho.. you can be keeping up with the current trends through our Insta page. Anthe kaakunda Insta stories la tho kuda mimmlani entertain cheyadaniki we are giving our best. All this credit goes to you – our wonderful, supportive, and amazing followers. Today, we are not only grateful to our Instagram followers, but we’re also thankful to everyone who follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well. Thank You Guys!


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