The Chai People — The Folks behind Chai Bisket

We all love chai! …Ok, some of us love coffee, but that’s not the point. The point is that when we have Chai and Bisket (Yes, that’s how we decided it is spelt. Deal with it.) We turn into the most intellectual crowd in the world. And we as a bunch are just four completely random people thrown together over Chai n’ Bisket. It gets us discussing about interesting tit-bits about everything under the sun, have epiphanies, figure out the meaning of life and… you never know, maybe even solve the mystery to the universe. And of course we’re just as crazy individually, so you’ll find us writing our hearts out as just ourselves. Well, you’ll get used to the sass and drama over time. Meanwhile, here’s us!
Bisket Vidya — the undiscovered Shriya Goshal, is a Pathaka Guddi in every sense of the word. Always talkative and jumping around, she has the capacity to entertain (read irritate) everybody in the vicinity. Feminism, books, food and music are four things she swears by. And food… Did we mention food?
Quirky and calm, crazy and yet smart, that’s our Adhrak Abhilash.  He wants to be a flier at some point but his love for reading, writing and travelling is overpowering his life right now. Somehow it’s a little difficult to find fault in what he writes (Trust us, we try!). He has a certain mystery about him… We like to think he gets that from all the Game of Thrones he’s hooked on to lately. Anyhow, the mystery doesn’t really bother us as much as how quickly he finishes work. I mean seriously man! You’re making us all look bad!
Ramu Kaka is something of an enigma. We generally do not understand what he says, except when he’s sleepy…when he uses more of body language. He’s a massive film buff and worships at the altar of Lord Christopher Nolan. He wants to be a director some day, and we’re very sure he will direct the movie of his dreams someday. Meanwhile, he’s busy directing dreams.
We just might be talking about the most reliable guy on earth.  Funny, carefree, focused, ‘Chai’ Prem is your ‘boy-next door’ guy. A total movie freak, he wants to be in the FILM circles one day. But for now, he perfectly fits in our FUN circle.
Masala Sundeep. This guy talks, eats, drinks, sleeps, and dreams of movies. While not thinking of movies, he’s busy writing scenes in his mind. Wait, that’s cinema too! Anyway… True to his name, he adds that extra “masala” to everything he does. Though irritated by his silly punchlines(sometimes), everybody loves the Gentle Giant(edo prasa kosam vaadam, antha gentle emi kaadu lendi :P).
We already have a gamut of articles about things that interest us, and even more are queued up. So have a seat, grab a cup of chai and browse around. Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on our Facebook page… We promise you it’s going to be a lot of fun!

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