Here Is A Song Which Tells You How Your ‘Chai Pani’ Is Baiganifying Hyderabad!

Hyderabad is a city of opposites. On one side, we have the swanky concrete buildings. And on the other, we have people living in slums in utmost poverty. Likewise, even an average Hyderabadi has two sides to him. While talking about a lot of morals and fundamentals, he does not follow them up in real life. Fundamentally, we are all hypocrites.
And that is what this song, which is a sarcastic take on every other citizen’s mindset, tells us. Hyderabad ku baigan milaarain sab log. Nakko miyan… Bas karo ab toh.
Great job on this one, Mr. Sriram Mudambi and co!

Source: Sachh Bharat

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