Check Out The First Episode Of “703” – Chai Bisket’s Second Web Series!


Chai Bisket’s, 703, is a thriller that revolves around the striking resemblance between the story of a writer, Surya with the death of Nakshatra.

Starring: Manoj Krishna Tanneru, Monika Thangalapalli, Rajashekar Aningi
Director: Anupam Teja Dandey
Producers: Anurag Reddy, Sharath Chandra
Co- Producers : Kantha Rao Dandey, Shyam Sannidhiraju
Dop: Kamal Nabh
Music: Karthik Rodriguez
Editor: Jesvin Prabu



International viewers CLICK HERE to watch the first episode of 703 on YUPP TV!

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