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The distance between a person sitting infront of the screen and the person who is actually on the screen seems too little. Infact, simply looking, it is just 70 Meters. However, the journey from the audience seat to actually showing up on screen is not easy by any means. We have taken a few steps in that direction and now we invite you to join us. Lets make dreams happen!



Script Writers
Music Directors
VFX artists


Applicants, you have a task for both writing and acting. Below are a few scenarios, writers need to write the best scene they can with this scenario. Actors need to enact the scenario given to them (with improvised dialogue) and send us a video. Whoever comes up with the best for the given scenario will be picked from the entries we receive. Send in all the entries to our e-mail address: careers@chaibisket.com


DO’s & DON’Ts For Writers
1. Writers have utmost freedom. You can play with the story anyway you want. Just be creative and original.
2. Avoid unecessary punches and boring rhyming dialogues. Try to be as natural as you can.


Scenario for Writers

[Arjun comes to his house after the party. Before going to bed he smokes a cigarette. He wakes up late in the morning, he finds his father looking at him in his room. He smiles, his father doesn’t. After a few seconds, he realises that he has a cigarette pack on the table. How does he manage the situation? What does he say to his father?
Write down the most funniest ways to escape that situation. No fantasy endings, the scene needs to have a sensible ending.]


DO’s & DON’Ts For Actors
1. Send us your portfolio along with a video of the scenario mentioned below. You can shoot it on any normal mobile and edit using simple software like VivaVideo.
2. Do not send dubsmashes.
3. Do not send short film links, the scenario given below will be enough.
4. You are free to improvise the dialogue anyway you wish. You can enact the scenes in any emotion (emotional, natural, comic, etc.)
5. Be original.


Scenario For Actors (Male):

[Rahul who aspires to become an actor leaves his hometown and reaches Hyderabad. He tries all the possible ways, but couldn’t do what he loves to. Everything goes against his wish. So, he takes up the job of a cab driver in the city. One day he goes to pick up a passenger from the railway station. After the passenger gets into his cab, he realises that the passenger is his Uncle. How does the cab driver handle this situation?]


Scenario For Actors (Female):

[Nitya returns home from the office. Freshes up. She scatters her clothes across the room. Nitya sits on the sofa watching Kapil Sharma’s Show. Her mother is in the kitchen, she asks Nitya for help, Nitya ignores her and opens a packet of chips. Mother comes into the hall and starts shouting at her. She starts complaining about her lifestyle. Nitya answers back. Then her mother starts going on how her friends daughters are all married and manage the house like decent housewives. How does Nitya handle the situation? How does she react to her mother? ]

Cinematographers, Directors, Music Composers, Editors and VFX artists can send us samples of their previous works. You can mail, the links for your work to careers@chaibisket.com

The last date for sending in your entry is 16-10-2016! Do mail us your videos/portfolios/scripts by then!


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If you wish to contribute, mail us at admin@chaibisket.com


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