Central Government Launches A New Website To Put Tax Evaders To Shame!


In what can be termed as a scene adapted from a political thriller, central government has announced the war on tax evasions and black money holders. On 16th May, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has launched a government-run website called “cleanmoney.gov.in” which aims to record details like names of tax offenders, details of income tax raids and the risk rate of tax defaulters from high to low. Speaking to PTI Arun Jaitley has said that “Post-demonetisation, personal income tax return filing has gone up due to ownership of anonymous money being identified. The new website will help honest tax payers.” In this statement Jaitley has also issued a stern warning to those who store black money or deal with “large” amounts of unaccounted cash.



This website also aims to provide information of bank accounts and names of individuals who deposited large and unusual amounts into their bank accounts post demonetization. All accounts will be analyzed within a time span of 50 days following the announcement by the PM. It is also estimated that around 16,398 crore Rs of undocumented amount has been identified since demonetization.





Also, The fact that the website was launched on the same day during which IT raids were conducted on national leaders like Chindambaram, Lalu Prasad Yadav and etc speaks that centre has strong armed financial criminals. But, some have gone ahead and openly criticized these raids are a ploy to weaken the opposition for 2018 elections and infringe fear into honest individuals.



We do sincerely hope that this move by the centre works and ensure strong regulations are implemented to avoid the scams like “Vaddi Mahesh” and other hawala rackets.



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