Here’s Why Andhra Pradesh Government’s e-Governance Implementation Plan Is Beyond Awesome!


Being renowned as a technically sound politician, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has massive plans for technological implementations to achieve people friendly, responsive and dynamic governance which addresses issues in real-time and eases administration. For this to achieve, there is a system on-board, called CORE (CM Office Real-time Executive) dashboard running in the backend which uses data analytics from various government departments to improve service quality and detect issues at a ground level. This central level monitoring system is being developed by stretching out its presence in many possible aspects. Here are few insights of the government services which are giving fruitful results.


1) IoT (Internet of Things) technology is being applied to the street lights in Vijayawada and Vishakhapatnam in which, with the help of built-in sensors, street lights can be monitored in real-time to determine their working condition. If any faulty one is detected, it should be fixed within 72 hours by the service provider as per the agreement.

iot light


2) Real-time precipitation measurement with the help of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enabled rain-gauges which are connected to cloud for data transmission. Over 1600 forecast stations are deployed over the state which use this technology.



3) Monitoring ground water level on a daily basis with the help of cloud connected water gauges.

Flood gauge, by Taieri River in flood, Allanton, Taieri Plains, near Dunedin, Otago, South Island, New Zealand

Flood gauge, by Taieri River in flood, Allanton, Taieri Plains, near Dunedin, Otago, South Island, New Zealand


4) Files from all departments of the government are uploaded into the cloud, so that the respective employee can access it anytime and work on it even from home. It also eases the co-ordination of various department to work on a file and the disposal is made quicker.

cloud files


5) Toilets in schools are monitored every two hours in which the respective agency is asked to capture the photo and upload it to server. All those toilets are geo-tagged so that the agency cannot send the photo of other toilet. System only accepts that particular photo which matches with the same geo tag of the toilet.



6) E-PASS is applied to pension and ration delivery in which the beneficiary is authenticated before offering pension and ration by collecting fingerprints or iris data and matching it with aadhaar database. As soon as the authentication is done, the data is uploaded to dashboard server.

pension authentication


7) Issuance of e-passbooks to landlords which helps in protecting the ownership of the candidate. It also facilitates in easy processing of loan by banks if the customer wants to submit land as collateral.

e land


8) Real-time monitoring of health services availed by people in government and private hospitals under various government health schemes to reduce frauds.



Upcoming initiatives

1) Systems are being developed to measure moisture levels in soil which helps in determining crop status.

moisture sensors


2) Terrestrial water level monitoring with the help of drones.



3) In the coming months, pension delivery will be accompanied by a voice mail from CM to know feedback, complaints and to ensure proper delivery.



4) An app especially for complaints and feedback at administration level is being developed in collaboration with Microsoft to address issues in real-time.

complaint app


5) All energy meters will be equipped with IoT technology to fetch readings automatically every month.

energy meter


The central monitoring system aka CORE dashboard is completely open to public. You can find it here.


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