All You Need To Know About The Fee-Hike Agitation That Is Happening In CBIT Right Now!


These days education is not something which takes off some burden in fact it is becoming a burden now. Instead of showing path to achieve high standards this education is getting useful for people who are well settled. Truly education has emerged as one of the profitable business these days. And this statement is proved yet again by the administration of Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, Gandipet. Being one of the top most and reputed college in the Telugu states, the fee for this college is pretty high. Its almost Rs.1,13,500 rupees for both A and B categories. And now they are increasing it to 2 lakhs.

Students who joined through Eamcet come under A category and students joined through JEE mains come under B category. After 2 years of struggle these students got into this college to achieve their dreams. That happiness didn’t last long. They never know that college in which they are studying will increase the fee in the name of development. They never knew that they will be blackmailed in name of Semesters. They never knew they will end up shouting slogans on roads instead of giving speeches on stages.

It was before the semester examinations, students were asked to sign on a paper if they need the hall ticket. They never knew that signature would cost us this much. Few people understood what was written in it but they never thought the increment in the fees will be this much. And then, after few days a circular has come stating that the high court has passed the order of fee increment from Rs.1,13,500 to 2 Lakhs. Students studying first and second years i.e who joined in the year 2016 and 2017 should pay the remaining amount by December 15. Students were shocked seeing it. Second Years has to pay an extra amount of Rs. 1,73,000 and first years Rs.86,500/-.

When students asked the authorities they simply said that the paper they signed before the exams is an affidavit which states that we will pay the fee increment before the deadline at any cost. Students left blank. Only the students who have complete fee reimbursement are exempted from this category. And then they decided to question, this time together, bigger and better so that the authorities could hear, the court could hear, the government could hear. When asked, several students said that the infrastructure is not even good and it won’t deserve even 1 lakh rupees. Few students question, what the authorities have been doing all these days with the fee that students are paying. There is no proper building, not well maintained laboratory in this campus which we term as one of the best in Telugu states. Helpless, the students took up this matter with IT minister KTR over Twitter. The minsiter replied to the tweet saying that he has brought the issue to the notice of Deputy CM Kadiyam Srihari, who, apparently, has assured to review the issue with his department officials & OU officials at the earliest (sic.).

The whole students were now on roads protesting against the fee increment. Several student organisations extended their support to the students of CBIT. Government, which spent crores and crores of money for development of the city because a foreign lady visiting should also take the same care in development of colleges as well. If we had some good facilities, and good technology introduced in colleges, may be instead of saying CEO of Microsoft is from our state, we could have probably said Microsoft is from state. Just saying, unless the government takes action and bring down the fee which could be affordable by a common man, many einstein’s and Elon Musks will be buried in our soil doing nothing.


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