9 Scenes We Commonly See In Every Catholic Convent During Christmas!


We all miss our school life, no matter how good/bad our life is at this point of time we must admit that those were the golden days in one’s life and we can never relive those moments again. Especially, “Christmas” I really don’t know how one cannot enjoy those days when in schools. From carols to chocolates, greeting cards to presents those were the most joyful years. So, here’s a piece remembering how our child was around Christmas and specifically in catholic schools.


Decorating Memories: From decorating Christmas trees in auditoriums and corridors to filling our class rooms with confetti and tinsel’s we were more worth than the professional decorators.



Singing our lungs out: Forget the tunes or the shruthi’s or laya’s. We would sing however we wanted and didn’t care what others would think. “Silent night”, “We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year” these are my personal favorite.



“Drama”tic appearances: Atleast once throughout our schooling we have dressed up for the Christmas special skit and appeared like Mary or a tree or a Shepherd. We know the struggle.



Dressing up: We would find the best attire we can and dress up just like we were attending a red carpet show. From blazers to fancy shirts and skirts, we’d flaunt all we can.



Teachers are New BFF: This was probably the only time where teachers were not teachers and taught us how cool they can be.



Santa is real: To all those who say Santa’s not real; probably they never have been to a school. Screw ya’ll! every school has that one jolly Sir dressed up as Santa.



Narrator is the real hero: And now comes the most competitive part. The narrator for the Skit/drama played is the one thing we also wanted to do and envy those who does that.



School turns into a convention hall: This is the one day were we wouldn’t mind littering the school. And with all the shamiyana and decorations, it was totally worth it.



Holidays and Fun: Hoping we wouldn’t get any projects or homework’s for the holidays we badly wanted the holidays and didn’t knew that we would end up missing them now.



Plans for the day: This is for the “High” school batch ya, after we were done with school, on the last day before holidays we planned for a movie or crashing at a friend’s place or going to a multiplex. We all must’ve planned it.


No matter which religion we belonged to, we all loved Christmas for what it was and how well it taught us what festive season was all about. Merry Christmas to all you peeps out there!!


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